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The leather of the luxury bag is revealed!
Posted On 07/05/2018 10:05:06 by bobwang

Let's talk about the most common cowhide. As you may know, cowhide is very thick. When it is made, it will be cut into many different levels. In general, the outer layer of the top layer of cowhide is the best. Because the top layer of cowhide has the texture and softness of the natural leather.
Box Calf cowhide

Box's name is named after the 19th century London shoemaker Joseph Box. This leather is slightly heavier and less prone to deformation. It is most su... Read More

will you buy replica designer merchandises?
Posted On 07/02/2018 02:26:24 by offeraaa

Buying high quality replica Designer handbags seems to be more wrong than most consumers understand. First of all, I think it's best to distinguish replicas from another "inspired." For me, the design of the replica brand and/or signs/tags/packaging is to attempt to remove an illegal product from the original brand.

It is impossible to avoid “inspiration” projects; smaller brands create very similar items (even carbon copies) on cheaper buildings and sell them under their n... Read More

Online trading standards replica products warning
Posted On 04/17/2018 08:30:54 by bobwang

The Powys transaction standard says that people selling counterfeit goods like fake Designer clothes shoes belt and other accessories through online auction sites may face legal proceedings.
After the two-year conditional release of the men in Builth Wells, the police issued a warning and ordered to pay 1200 pounds after the trial.
According to the "Trademarks Act of 2004," he was charged with four counts on suspicion of selling replica Designer sunglasses.
Trading standards... Read More

How to spot replica Belt from the original belts?
Posted On 04/15/2018 06:41:24 by bobwang

Many people pay very high prices for branded belts. These belts can easily be used as replica Designer belts.
The best way to tell if a belt is a leather or a fake desinger belt is to see where it is made.
The authentic Louis vuttion belt was made only in Spain, not France. A replica band made in France. They have never been made in France. Also, look at the buckle back. If the “Louis Vuitton” is engraved on the back of the buckle, then the item is a false belt. The thir... Read More

How to Distinguish a Replica Balenciaga Purse?
Posted On 01/28/2018 23:11:16 by johnliang

Balenciaga's purse is a fabulous Designer purse, due to the high value of public demand. So countless people try to quickly buck by selling a replica purses. Be wary of fake purses on the market and avoid being cheated to buy one. Here are some definitive ways to identify fake Designer purses.
Check the purse leather. Balenciaga purses are made of natural distressed goatskin. It should feel soft and supple. If you stand up, it will naturally lazy. If you are looking at the purse to stan... Read More

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