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Replica Jeans vs Original Jeans
Posted On 10/26/2021 02:48:10 by aaatradeplaza

"Original jeans" refers to jeans produced by different brands of original factories. Some of the most famous and popular jeans manufacturers are: Levi Strauss, Lee, Diesel, Wrangler, etc. All these brands have certain characteristics that distinguish them from each other. It may be innovations in denim, colors, manufacturing techniques, fit, and types of accessories used. Regardless of the differences, what all have in common is that they were originally produced by the brand of the label the... Read More

Spotting Real& Fake Louis Vuitton Bumbag
Posted On 10/13/2021 05:09:36 by johnliang

How to identify Fake Louis Vuitton belt bags:
General appearance method
The best thing about this bag is that its size makes it very comfortable to wear and it puts all the essentials in it.

The replication factory did not replicate this detail well because its size was much larger than expected, which would not make it better, because the bumbag should not be as big as a wallet.

Genuine leather is very soft and shiny, while artificial leather seems to be very hard a... Read More

How To Legit Check Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories?
Posted On 10/13/2021 05:07:42 by johnliang

Overall appearance method
Let's start with the overall appearance of the large Pochette.

First of all, we need to note that the shape of the Fake designer bag is completely different from the original. Although the genuine model is wider at the bottom and thinner at the top, the rectangular shape of the Fake handbag model does not look similar at all.

The original LV print is beige, which blends well with the background color, while the artificial print has more yellow ton... Read More

How To Spot A Fake Supreme Hoodie?
Posted On 10/11/2021 16:06:49 by johnliang

The Box logo (or "bogo") hoodie is Supreme's ultimate flagship product, making it one of the most frequently counterfeited items on the market. When evaluating the replica Supreme hoodie, it is best to first check the embroidered frame logo on the front of the bogo hoodie-if it is not embroidered at all, or lacks cohesive high-quality stitching, it is an automatic warning logo.

Coupled with the precise centered matte white "Supreme" (in direct sunlight, the Fake Supreme hoodie will som... Read More

How To Spot a replica Supreme Shirt?
Posted On 10/11/2021 16:05:38 by johnliang

Check collar stitch

Stitch, stitch, stitch. Whether you want to legally inspect a hoodie, shirt, or hat, the stitching of this item almost always reveals its authenticity. On the Supreme shirt, check that the stitching is correct starting from the collar. The neckline of a real Supreme T-shirt should not have any visible stitches, even if there is only one thread. A seam should tie the collar to the rest of the shirt. However, when dealing with authentic Supreme long-sleeved shirts, so... Read More

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