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It will end years like 2012, when Jagex refused
Posted On 11/16/2021 22:29:55 by weiyismart


The second is to keep forums updated with RS gold more voices and options. Allow players to avoid each other, and utilize other tools to build connections in the forums. Give the RS forums the flexibility of Facebook which is a easy way to group them. Jagex isn't the only one who has flooded forums, which has made them rigid.


Let the players choose 12 members to a council of players that will decide on updates. One small one, maybe a couple hundred... Read More

While it's not going to simplify the game
Posted On 11/13/2021 00:35:06 by weiyismart



None of these are boostable in any way, and at the RuneScape gold high level, they require about two times as long as the requirements that are less than 70. In addition, they are all sequels to quests I've had the ability to complete easily, with a lot of ease, at 70ish statistics. Runescape appears to be pushing players into more grinds in specific areas, which I find absurd.


I'd much rather see skills like dungeoneering that take s... Read More

RuneScape - You can also sort the list by some of these criteria
Posted On 11/12/2021 01:58:35 by MMOgrfy

You can also sort the list by some of these criteria. Personally, I'd rather take quests off of RuneScape Gold the list rather than sorting them to the bottom, but I think having both options would appease most people. This seems like an example of a minor tweaks which would be appreciated by the RS players.

Myreque Quest V - Line Of The Myreque. Quest Name:Line of the Myreque. Skill Requirments: Level 65 Attack, Level 65 Defense, Level 55 Slayer, ability to kill L... Read More

This is the issue. Its origins are identical
Posted On 11/03/2021 21:25:17 by weiyismart


EoC isn't the issue. To me, it's just more RS gold clicking to get the same result The best part is the ability to store emotes in a queue. WoW is a game where I play with 80 odd keys, and there is a minigame involved in figuring out DPS enhancements or devising new strategies in PvP. Though I don't like mind-controlling foes from cliffs, it is something I like.


This is the issue. Its origins are identical to Solomon's and SoF. It's imposed on play... Read More

What gear are you discussing? Rune 2h? I'm adamant.
Posted On 10/29/2021 20:12:42 by Weiweismart

The main reason that I'd come back is because I'm a member with the username "Scaper "... Also because I'm sure to get bored really soon and RS Gold I'd give the game a go just to meet all of you lovelies again. So, now what? Training melee on f2p How do I play it? I hear the deadly red spiders are great? I'd train... for defense. Perhaps attack. I'm not interested in strengthening until I'm p2p with an unpredictable maul.

What gear are you discussing? Rune 2h? I'm adamant. I... Read More

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