Who Makes More Money? The "Lender" or The "Borrower"?
Posted On 09/26/2009 17:47:52 by dreamjob

Is being a Private Hard Money "Lender" easier than being a rehab "Borrower"? Which one produces more cash flow per month? How does 42% ROI Annually sound?

How are private investors boasting $1,050 a month cash flow on a $30k rehab deal?

By "BEING THE BANK" of course!!

How are hard money lenders making $2,275 a month cash flow on a $65K rehab home?

By "BEING THE BANK" of course!!

How do Private Hard Money Investors boast 42% ROI Annually?

Private Financial Club, Inc. will share their secrets with YOU!

Hedge Funds and Money Managers won't tell you because obviously, they don't make money by sharing the secrets that Wall Street doesn't want YOU to know!

Are YOU ready to take back the control of your retirement funds before they are totally gone?! How long are you going to wait?

Learn how to use your self-directed IRA in order to "BECOME THE BANK" and make more money - the easy way!

Are your investment dollars dwindling away? Is your IRA making less then 1%? What about your 401K? Have you lost 50% or more? Are CD's making less then 2%?

Where do you go? What do you do? Most of all, who do YOU trust?

If YOU are looking for someone who YOU can trust, then trust yourself!

By "Being the Bank," you will hold the deed to the property; and best of all, YOU will not have to worry about your investment going to zero while holding the deed. Instead of going backwards - YOU'LL be moving forward!

Most properties have up to 35% equity built right into them based on current - very current - market trends.

Extensive research goes into analyzing the property and area; and YOU get to apply your own "due diligence" to the program - rather than just trusting someone else!

Private Financial Club, Inc. uses creative methods for their inner Financiers allowing them to expand their portfolio and quote their own rates and terms. Each Financier will "manage" his or her own finances which affords them the opportunity to generate a higher ROI annually.

Do you really want to trust someone else to "manage" YOUR hard earned money?

Create your own stimulus package by "BEING THE BANK," and learn the secrets of how hard money lenders are boasting 42% annual ROI by financing short-term notes or 11% - 13% by financing long-term notes.

It's time to rethink your investment portfolio! Call your own shots; and quote your own terms and rates! Your money is NEVER pooled!

Private Financial Club offers 5 levels to choose from - novice to the sophisticated.

Get in the game: PLAY - PASS - HOLD

Move to the "Head of the Line"! You can make more money by "Being the Bank"!

"YOU can be either at the "HEAD OF THE LINE" passing out the money, or at the back of the line begging for money - it's your choice!

Call Yvonne today at: 847-845-4723 / 877-RATE-100

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