On Demand Bike sharing app development — Essentials and tips!
Posted On 03/17/2020 05:34:34 by jackricher478
You are surrounded by honking of cars and the sound of the engine purring in a jammed signal. Your destination is just about the corner but it is taking you forever to reach there. In such a case, in order to provide efficient and affordable transportation, bikes come into play. Apps like Rapido and LimeBike have gained popularity among people. So, what does it take to create an on-demand Bike Taxi Software?
Essentials of a Bike sharing App
Registration and Location
The user must be able to register via different social networking sites. By this way, the user can connect with his/her friends as well through the app. Once the user registers, the real time location of the user must be identified and nearby vehicle details should be shared with the user instantaneously.
Payment and Review
The user should be able to pay via different payment gateways with an additional option of cash on delivery. The user can share or comment his/her ride experience in the form of ratings or feedback.
Supplementary features of the Custom bike taxi app development
If you are looking to develop a bike taxi app, here are some of the stand out features.
Lock and Unlock bike through OTP
You don’t need a co-rider too to ride. With bikes placed at specific areas, the user can simply type the bike number on the app. An OTP will be generated both at the start and end to identify locations of the bike.
Advanced booking options
The user must be able to schedule his ride in advance. Moreover, the rider must have the option to choose his/her ride choices including the type of bike as well as co-rider.
If you are looking for an on-demand bike taxi software, Appdupe helps you in providing you the same with customised specifications. Appdupe provides you with complete technical assistance that increases your chances of surviving in the market.

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