Uber For Courier - Launch Your Digital Logistic Service Now!
Posted On 02/01/2021 12:21:44 by kelleybjohnson

This world letting technology drive through the hardest of routes is the right time to develop any business. The Courier Delivery App development has revamped the traditional courier services. With convenient apps like our Uber For Courier people and business have found a reliable way to ship any logistics right on time. The features in our courier app have evolved with necessities of the customers using it. 


The standout features that has made our apps user friendly


Pick-up And Drop

Integrated with the latest GPS softwares, users can find any location or move the location pin freely on the map to pin and lock the location for both pick-up and drop.

Choose Vehicle

The users can choose from our various service vehicles based on the size of parcels they are about to send.

Assign The Schedule

Depending on the availability of users, the user can schedule the pick-up of their package in a feasible time. The user also can reschedule after fixing a pick-up time for the executive

Payment Options

With our special digital wallet and along with all the national payment options the users have a variety of mode to pay for the service


This helps the users to avail few services with discounts. Promo codes can help long-time users to use codes for the next services.            


To Sum Up


This digital age has proven to have opportunities for every brave and innovative idea. Logistic services are in the transition phase and have opened some untapped markets. Our team of developers being aware of the potential offer the quickest solution with our Uber for courier for eager entrepreneurs.  


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From: GertrudeJones
02/01/2021 23:40:42

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