Study on heat transfer process of a heat not burn tobacco product flow field
Posted On 05/10/2021 07:24:41 by wisepowder

A new-style cigarette works by a battery-powered device heating cut-tobacco to generate an aerosol. This product heats the tobacco at low temperature and produces less harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs). In this paper, a heat not burn tobacco product has been designed, and the heat transfer process in the cigarette has been studied based on a porous medium theory. Both of viscous resistance and inertia force effect on pressure gradient have been considered using Darcy-Forchheimer model. After numerical simulation the process of gas traversing the cut-tobacco medium, the temperature field distribution has been acquired in the new-style cigarette. The result shows the heating system of the heat not burn tobacco product satisfies the demand of temperature control. The aerosol of the new style cigarette can reduce the yield of tobacco combustion produces.To get more news about Hitaste Hi10, you can visit official website.
The idea behind IUOC is of course nothing short of visionary. While other HNB devices almost invariably require their heating chambers to be loaded with a particular type of tobacco-filled cartridge, the patented technology of an IUOC gadget allows consumers to simply insert a conventional cigarette stick of their choice. “That gives consumers the freedom to continue enjoying the taste and aroma of their preferred cigarette brand, whereas in other HNB devices they are basically forced to exclusively use customized cartridges whose contained tobacco blend they may or may not really like,” Guo elaborates.

But there is also another reason that underpins the IUOC concept, according to Guo. “Conventional cigarettes can be freely purchased in virtually every corner of the world and territorial availability is not limited like so often in the case of HNB cartridges. For example, IQOS’ proprietary Heets cartridges are currently not yet legally available in China.” Guo adds that utilizing regular cigarettes - and thus smartly out-maneuvering China’s restrictions on tobacco cartridges - has led to phenomenal domestic sales of IUOC devices in the country.

“In fact, 80% of our sales turnover is presently generated within China, while exports only account for the remaining 20%,” he claims. “And we are in the process of developing some exciting projects in collaboration with China Tobacco, leading us to strongly expect that IUOC is set to become the dominant HNB brand in China in the near future.” But on the other hand Guo also readily admits that his company is not yet ready for some other important markets. “The US market, for instance, is still too tough for us legally, and in terms of marketing we are too weak to enter the EU market just yet.”


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