How To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Wallet?
Posted On 10/14/2021 06:01:56 by johnliang

Overall appearance method
It is always a good idea to start the authentication process by observing the overall appearance.

Genuine Louis Vuitton wallets are paler than fake ones, and fake ones are more orange than brown beige.

Not only the color, but also the tiny details that make the replica unique-look at the monogram lines on the original wallet that are far away from each other, and in the correct picture they are too tight, which makes the entire model look different.

It is also necessary to mention the font of Louis Vuitton, which is upside down on the genuine wallet, while on the replica it is the opposite, with a different bold font.
Internal method
Checking the inside is as important as the outside.

You can see that the interior of the genuine model is more spacious than the replica. This detail extracts a few points from the fake wallet.

The cardholders on the copy should be as close to each other as they were on the original wallet.
Cardholder method
In the 21st century, a wallet requires several cardholders.

Although the replica wallet has more pockets, which may be considered good, it is still different from the original. Remember: we are looking for differences, not better ones.

The cardholders themselves are not as nervous as they thought.

A few words on the LV typeface: You can see how each letter is twisted, stretched and slanted when it should be an exact copy of the real text.
Puller method
The authentic handle has a bright golden color, which is common in Louis Vuitton models. The same cannot be said for an almost silver copy that has a reflective effect when it should be matte.
Zipper method
The zipper is a very important detail of the wallet.

As you can see, each tooth on the genuine zipper is completely straight, while in the picture on the right they are curved. As a result, the slider will struggle as it moves, while the real slider will slide smoothly.

The slider on the replica itself is also different: it is larger and wider than the different golden shades.
Leather Law
Even if the genuine leather is textured and not smooth, the grainy surface of the imitation leather is not as accurate as copied by the imitation factory. It must be smoother.

Due to the uneven surface of the replica wallet, the letters are also wavy, and the color is different from the expected appearance.
Font method
The last method we will analyze today is fonts.

Because the imitation leather is textured, the letters on it will bend when they should be completely straight. In addition, the fake text should replicate the thin and pale appearance of the real model.

A few words about the gold button itself-the replica wallet needs to be as flat as the original with the same color and font.


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