How To Spot Fake Celine Belt Bag?
Posted On 10/14/2021 08:00:41 by johnliang

Overall appearance method
The Celine Belt bag has a very unique design, which is not easy to copy. We can see this from the counterfeit model.

The first difference we noticed is that the genuine clamshell is much larger than the replica Celine bag clamshell. In addition to the size difference, the shape of the fake clamshell is more rounded when it should be clearer, as shown on the left.

In these two cases, the way the straps are knotted on both sides of the bag is also different: the fake knots are tight and inclined to the side, while the original knots are tied differently, which is why the straps are placed differently.
Side approach
Let's take a look at the second side of the bag. The front bottom of the genuine bag is wider and the top is narrower, while the fake bag in the middle has the same width on both sides.

The upper part of the replica Celine bag model is narrower but larger than it should be, while the genuine part is wider but shorter, making the whole thing look more uniform.
Puller method
The genuine puller is much larger than the imitation puller, not only the size is different, but the quality of the metal used in the production is also very poor. Celine uses only the best materials, and this also applies to hardware, because they use gold-plated metal, which lasts much longer than low-quality painted hardware that darkens after a period of time.

Sutures can always explain a lot of information about branded products: if the sutures are sloppy, asymmetrical, and loose as shown in the picture on the right, you should treat them as a big red flag and study the source of the product more.
There are several problems with counterfeit watches. The first thing to point out is the leather: Although Celine uses 100% calfskin in the production of its belt bags, the counterfeit brand uses low-quality leather that is easy to peel and tear. It is always a better idea to pay more and ensure quality, not to pay less because your bag has problems after a few months of use.

The sewing also exudes fake models with loose, thin and asymmetric stitches.
The original button is rectangular, while the fake button is narrower and more square. It doesn't look bad, but it's definitely different.

It is not only different in size, but also thicker, as you can see in the correct picture.

The last detail we should mention in this comparison is the letters: the letters on the genuine buckle are large and thin, and the spacing between each symbol is larger. On the other hand, the fake letter is thicker, more squeezed, and thicker, which again shows that it is replica Celine bag.
Pocket method
The last method we are going to follow today is the zipper method.

The teeth of the fake zipper are curved and asymmetrical, which makes it difficult for the slider to move, while the teeth of the genuine zipper are completely straight and equal to each other.

The stitching in the middle of the zipper fabric goes to the side in the picture on the right, and it should be as flawless as on a genuine zipper.


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