How To Legit Check Celine Luggage Bag?
Posted On 10/14/2021 08:14:37 by johnliang

Leather method
It is no secret that Celine only uses high-quality materials to produce its products. In this case, the Luggage Bag is made of drum-shaped calfskin, which is known for its delicate texture and durability. Counterfeit brands always try to reduce costs and sell products at cheaper prices, which has become the main reason why people tend to buy them. Cost reduction is the end result of using inferior materials. In this case, the leather in the picture on the right is Replica Celine Bag, and its texture is completely different from the original Celine appearance, looking rougher and rougher.

Another detail you should pay attention to is how pointed the original handle attachment is, while the replica is more rounded and has poor stitching to the background.
Bottom method
There is a metal square on the bottom of the genuine product, which is helpful when you decide to put down the bag, but if you notice that the same metal square on the fake model is much smaller, this may not change anything in your daily use of the bag , But it is still different from the original version.

Stitching is something that counterfeit products are given away most of the time, and this situation is no exception. Although the sewing in the picture on the left is very tight and symmetrical, the counterfeit brand decided to make the stitches as loose, asymmetrical and thin as possible, which will show its side effects after a period of time.

The last thing we need to point out is how the decorative part on the genuine bag is embossed and how flat it looks in the correct picture. As mentioned in the first method, counterfeit jewelry should be thicker and more three-dimensional.
Stitching method
Let's take a closer look at the stitching. Sewn on the genuine bag is so neat, tight and strong, it will make the model durable and last for decades, and the fragments of the Replica Celine Bag will eventually fall off at any time. Why? You may ask. The answer is simple-loose and thin stitches cannot hold anything together, so the bag is not durable at all.
Puller method
Let's take a closer look at the puller and compare them.

The first thing we noticed about the fake slider is how its edges are rounded when it should be more square, as shown in the left image.

Another difference that needs to be pointed out is that the genuine leather handle is made of calfskin, while the counterfeit handle is made of rough, low-quality fake leather.
Zipper method
Speaking of zippers, if you remember that the teeth of low-quality zippers are asymmetrical, not completely straight, and are far apart from each other. This is the case with counterfeit products, and the genuine zipper teeth are completely straight and flawless, which will make the slider easy to move.

Another difference we noticed is how the contour of the fake zipper should be completely flat when it should be embossed as shown on the left.
Old marking method
If the label of our Celine bag says it was produced anywhere from 2018 to the present, and the logo is shown in the picture, then we have some bad news to tell you your bag is Replica Celine Bag.

The logo you are viewing is an old logo used from 2012 to 2018.

If the package was made before 2018, then you should compare the font with the original image.

The first difference we noticed is that the actual letters are thicker and thicker, while in the correct picture they look thinner and smaller.

Another thing we should emphasize in this comparison is how sloppy and asymmetrical the stitching of the counterfeit model is when it needs to be as neat as a genuine bag.


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