How can I tell if my Celine bag is real?
Posted On 10/14/2021 08:51:11 by johnliang

Overall appearance method
There is no doubt that the overall shape of the genuine product is both cute and practical. Let's compare these two pictures:

If you look closely, you will notice how the size of the fake bag is different from the original bag: the flap is small, and the bottom is almost straight, but should be curved, as shown in the picture on the left.
There should also be mention of stitching-this detail can instantly make the replica disappear. As you may have noticed, every stitch on the genuine model is symmetrical and well done, while it is almost invisible on the replica: the thread is too thin, and we also doubt its durability.
The quality of closures is also different, but we will discuss it more in the next method.
Closing method
Closures are a very important detail of this model: the things that hold the whole thing together.

The original buckle has a grainy texture but a smooth surface, while the replica bag looks almost shabby with pale spots. The shape of the fake seal is more like a square than a rectangle.
We hope you also look at the width of the two buckles: when the bottom should be hidden under the flap, the replica has two "layers".
The screw part of the connecting part is also larger on the fake model.
Side approach
In this case, no measurement is considered.
The genuine bag is more spacious-you may ask how we know-it is wider than the replica bag. What's the point if there is no space in a bag?

Also need to pay attention to the neat stitching on the genuine shoulder strap.
The flap connection with the bag is also more curved on the copy bag.
Bottom method
The outline of the genuine product is not as obvious as on the fake bag: the quality of the outline material is different from that of the original leather.
A few words about stitching: The bag needs to have neat stitching to really hold the whole thing together. This is not the case with fake models where stitching is too sloppy.
Let's analyze the difference in labels.
First of all, the font-the authentic letters are small and thin, while on the fake model, they are also wider and thicker.
In addition, the second E in the picture on the right should have an accent.
In this case, the copy factory does a better job at splicing, but remember that we are looking for something different, not something nice.
Font method
We should take a closer look at the font.
In this case, the letters on the genuine bag are small, thick, and thick, while they are ultra-thin, large, and have different overall shapes.
The difference can be seen on both "Celine" and "Paris"
Paperwork method
If you buy a bag with a bunch of paperwork, don’t believe you are holding a genuine model.
As this comparison shows, the replica bag comes with several "documents" just to deceive the buyer. Don't fall into the trap, follow the identity verification process to see if the bag has genuine features.


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