Yeezy 450 Cloud White authentication
Posted On 10/15/2021 14:41:17 by johnliang

Fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White: midsole
Yeezy 450 Cloud White was released on March 6th at a retail price of $200, which made people polarized. Without a doubt, the most unusual and controversial part is the claw-like foam midsole, which wraps the entire shoe.

The first detail to point out is that the midsole and outsole are a bit fused, because they are the same material and color. If you compare the midsole and outsole of a shoe, you shouldn't notice much difference.

The second point is the shape of the "claw". The shape of the original Yeezy 450 is more prominent, with larger and sharper claws. The replica shoes Yeezy's claws are smoother, more curved in shape, and smaller overall. However, the purpose of these claws is more than just aesthetics. They are designed to provide support and necessary padding for your feet because there is no padding inside the sneakers. This is why they are quite hard and not very flexible. Re-enacted Yeezy 450 tends to provide less support and wear faster.
Toe box
Speaking of the toe box, the first thing to talk about is the material. Specifically, it is the primeknit upper. An interesting detail of this upper is that it becomes thicker around the toe box and heel, providing more protection for these areas. At the same time, the rest of the knitting is thinner, more breathable, and makes the shoes lighter and easier to wear.

The knitted material is very thick and durable, so you can walk around comfortably without worrying about any tearing or damage. On the other hand, with the replica shoes Yeezy double, you will notice that the knitting is not so durable. Not only that, but the knitting patterns are also different.

Next is the shape of the toe box. The authentic toe shape is more rounded and elegant. At the same time, the false toe box is thicker, wider, and looks more square.

As for the shoelace, the shoelace loop pops out of the shoe upper. Each lace loop is made of the same knitted material as the shoe upper. The rope laces are round, thick, and darker than the rest of the upper. The quality of fake shoelaces is often worse and not as dense.
Next, let's talk about the back of the sneaker.

As we mentioned before, the braid around the heel becomes stiffer, just like on the toe box, providing more support for the foot. Although most of the upper is cloud white, the back of the shoe is made of a slightly darker beige.

Another difference that needs to be pointed out is the midsole "claws". They should wrap the heel more tightly, as if embracing it. The replica shoes Yeezy 450 Cloud White does not have this look.

Finally, this model has a knitted sock-like ankle that is very elastic and fits tightly to the foot. It also makes the silhouette look more stylish and futuristic. Counterfeit socks, especially cheap socks, do not fit well and form a less elegant and less comfortable shape.
The insole is Ortholite, which is light tan. As usual, it has 3 dark brown brands printed on it: Adidas, Yeezy and Ortholite.

The first flaw of the genuine and fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White is the color of the logo. The fake one is not brown, but dark gray.

In addition, all three genuine logos are smaller compared to counterfeit logos. They are also farther away from each other, and the fakes are closer together.

Last but not least, similar to the letters on the size label, the letters are taller than they should be.


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