Replica Yeezy 350 v2 Ash Blue
Posted On 10/18/2021 02:53:45 by johnliang

Shoe box
There are many inconsistencies in the shoe box that can be discussed, such as the color of the cardboard, the color of the printing, and so on. But in this guide, we will not focus on these, because colors can be tricky due to different lighting. In addition, if the box is left in the sun for too long, the color will fade naturally. Instead, we will focus on black text and box labels.

A common mistake with letters is that they are usually not printed clearly. The text may be smudged or blurred. Basically, any small defect is already a cause for concern, but it is not the final evidence. In particular, the spacing between the fake Yeezy shoes's letters is smaller, which becomes especially obvious by looking at the word "Boost". Finally, the Adidas logo is too close to the text.

Next, check the label. First of all, the sticker on the fake box is a bit crooked. Second, the large and small numbers are done with the wrong font, because the number 9 is much thinner than it should be.
Heel shape
The heel area is very interesting because it shows the unparalleled silhouette of this sneaker. It turns out that copying is very difficult.

The first major difference is the curve of the insole between the tongue and heel. This is a very smooth curve, not as dramatic as the fake curve at all. In addition, the area of ​​the tongue is not that high.

The heel area is steeper. On the back side, the sole should form a fairly prominent bump, while the fake is flatter.
Toe box
When it comes to the feel of the shoe, the toe should be firmer and more layered. It should not bend easily, even if you bend it, it will rebound. In contrast, copies usually do not have such a fine structure. Therefore, they are more prone to damage and wear faster.

The original toe cap may also be longer and thicker in shape and heavier overall. You should also check for any inconsistencies in the colors and patterns. For example, here, the end of the yellow strike should be lower than the fake one.

Finally, pay attention to any loose stitches. If you notice any, this is not a good sign. The middle stitch should be very prominent and visible, creating a rough appearance. In the fake Yeezy shoes, it appears to be hidden, replaced by a lighter thread.
Insole printing
For the last step of Yeezy 350 v2 certification, you need to take out the insole and check it carefully. If you don't have the opportunity to do this, just look at the Yeezy insole printing is enough.

If you take out the insole and look at the bottom of the Boost sole, there should be no holes in the Boost. Then, turn the insole upside down and look at its underside. There should be a small thing on the back of the insole, while the Adidas logo on the fake will be much larger.

Now, let's get to the main part, the front side of the insole. First of all, the texture of the insole is wrong. The pattern should be meshed, but the re-engraved version of Yeezy has another one.

Then, if we look at the details of the fake Yeezy shoes, we can see that it is only a solid color, and there is no line to divide it. These lines should be visible, just like in the real example. Finally, we may notice that the original Yeezy printed letters are smaller and thinner.


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