Real VS Fake Yeezy 700 V3 Azael
Posted On 10/18/2021 03:14:21 by johnliang

General appearance method
Yeezy has sneakers with very unique shapes, and we are just for them!

The original sneakers have a remarkable appearance, and the counterfeit models cannot be replicated well.

In addition to the shape, the rubber "net" covering the sneakers is very clear, very thick and three-dimensional, while the fake rubber net looks like melting ice that will soon disappear.

The replica shoes seem taller, while the original outsole is very clear and refined. In contrast, the fake outsole looks large and does not have the same effect at all.
Neon Law
Another cool thing about this model is its glowing neon lights.

Even if these pictures have no labels, we can still easily distinguish between genuine and replica shoes.

The neon lights of genuine sneakers glow brighter, absolutely a hundred times brighter than the neon lights in the bottom picture, not at all or the same quality.
General Observation Method (Alvah)
The black version of this shoe looks as good as beige sneakers.

The outsole of this unreal model is worse than the previous situation, because it is large in size and does not replicate the same shape at all.

If you look closely, you will see how the real heel stabilizer is more sculpted, and there is almost no transition between the midsole and the fabric heel stabilizer.

The rubber mesh on the artificial sneaker was much thicker than expected, which caused it to form a strange curve on the top of the toe.

Now, the gray lines of the fabric on the original sneakers are connected to each other even if these parts are separated from each other by the rubber mesh, and the lines on the replica shoes are not even the same size and completely mismatched.
Tips method
The Foxing on the replica yeezy shoes resembling the outsole is larger than the original, which makes it taller and has a different shape.

The original toe cap seems fuller than the unreal one.

In addition to size and shape, these two photos have some differences in details. The replica Yeezy shoes 700 V3 Azael has a large number of small gray dots on the side.
Toe box
The details on the toe cap are very symmetrical, while the side of the imitation toe cap is slanted.

Every detail of genuine sneakers is integrated with each other, but they are chaotically put together in the bottom picture.

Are these methods easy enough for you to follow? Even if you have the smallest question about anything, please contact us and we will help you!
Heel counter method (high quality reproduction)
They do better with rubber heels than anything else, but there are still some issues that need to be pointed out: first is the size-obviously, the heels of artificial sneakers are taller and heavier than the original ones, the original letters of the font and the Adidas logo itself are more thick.

The leather details on the genuine heel counter are much larger than those shown in the bottom picture, and the stitching on both sides is poor, which makes them very easy to fall off at any time.
The only way
When wearing sneakers, the soles are invisible, right? But we still need to consider them as one of the steps of authentication.

Every detail of the original sole has bright colors. For example, the yellow details on the top and bottom are much darker than those of the fake sole. The details of the fake sole are more soft colors than vibrant dark colors.

Not only is the color different, the shape is also different, and the font is also different-the letters on the original sole are symmetrical, and the thick ones are the same as the logo, while the letters on the fake sole are completely opposite.
Size labeling method
This is the last method in today's guide.

Both labels are square, but the main difference lies in the way the letters and numbers are placed on the label.

The letters and numbers on the artificial label are much thicker than expected; the same can be said for the QR code, which is unnaturally thick.


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