How To Tell If Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra are fake
Posted On 10/20/2021 04:54:57 by johnliang

Holistic approach
Let's start with the overall appearance.
The first thing we noticed is the tip of the sneaker. The midsole becomes thicker and thinner, becoming an outsole. The replica shoes model outsole should be much thinner than it is now; it must form a "curve" in the middle of the sneaker.
In addition, the difference in the heel counter is also very obvious. On the genuine model, it creates a curve, so the overall sneaker is much shorter in height, but the replica is not completely copied because it is straighter on this model.
Text method
Let us dive into the details.
The differences also appear in the text.
For example, as you can see, the letter "Y" slopes to the left and is much larger than it should be.
The space between the letters is larger, and the color of the thread used is also different, because it should be dark red like a genuine product.
The overall appearance of the copy text is super cheap.
Toe cap
If we look closely at the toe cap, we will be able to see how different the print is.
As you can see, the yellow circle shows that it should be a zebra pattern instead of the white part at the bottom.
The black should be darker; it has a faded color on the replica shoes, which makes it difficult to see the white line details in the middle of the toe.
Embroidery details
These little details make this pair of sneakers unique, but the copy factory messed them up.
Compared with the second picture, the embroidery details on the genuine model have a smaller width and a stronger three-dimensional effect.
The replica Yeezy shoes 350 V2 Zebra has asymmetrical embroidery details, and the quality of the thread is much lower than expected.
Size labeling method
Even if the size label does not appear, checking it is a good way to spot the replica Yeezy shoes 350 V2 Zebra.
Let's start with the font. As you can see, the font of "MADE" is completely different from the genuine model. This difference also appears in the initials of the countries: it is easy to see how thick and thick the letters on the fake labels are.
In addition to the font, the date is also wrong. 08/18 is the original date of replenishment in 2019, and the replica factory missed the detailed information.
Insole method
Similar to the size label, when we wear sneakers, the insole will not appear, but through observation, you can find replica Yeezy shoes.
The font is the main difference here: as you can see on the genuine model, the word "YEEZY" is tilted to the right, and the copy factory did not take this detail into consideration.
In addition to the font, the color of the insole was wrongly chosen because it should look cleaner.


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