RuneScape - You can also sort the list by some of these criteria
Posted On 11/12/2021 01:58:35 by MMOgrfy

You can also sort the list by some of these criteria. Personally, I'd rather take quests off of RuneScape gold the list rather than sorting them to the bottom, but I think having both options would appease most people. This seems like an example of a minor tweaks which would be appreciated by the RS players.

Myreque Quest V - Line Of The Myreque. Quest Name:Line of the Myreque. Skill Requirments: Level 65 Attack, Level 65 Defense, Level 55 Slayer, ability to kill Level 145 Vanstrom, Drakan Guards, Drakan Knights, and King Drakan. Quest Requirements: Legacy of Seergaze. To begin this quest, speak with Veliaf Hurtz at Burgh De Rott.

Veliaf Hurtz Veliaf Hurtz to our home base, (Player Name). Unfortunately I don't have time or the energy to talk. Player: Go Ahead I'm always glad to help. You're extremely generous, (player name). Do you know about Vanstrom Klause? He got in the way our true goal. What could I have forgotten? His Hellhound, His Vampyres and his Vyrewatch were all killed by me. I even had him as a foe! Excatly. However, our ultimate purpose was to drive King Drakan out of Morytania! That's right. What can I do? Well, since you are an official Myreque and I am an official Myreque, I only have one thing I can tell you.

What's the matter with Veliaf? It's not something you can find out from me. Vanstrom could be watching. Meet me close to the Mercenary Adventurer. Meet Veliaf at the Mercenary Venturer. Listen carefully. Vanstrom could be anywhere , and Drakan's key to Vanstrom's position is in the area.

Vanstrom could be anywhere in Morytania. There are many possibilities. Now, once you have located Vanstrom you'll be able to watch the cutscene. You're back! You've ruined and weakened me and my plans for buy rs3 gold far too long! You must take me down! Vanstrom will be a Level 145 Vanstrom Klause.

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