This community-craze allows players to create
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All! JagexHQ has been following the Ironman Challenge rise in popularity. We have loved seeing the athletes finish the challenge on RuneScape gold YouTube streams and videos.


This community-craze allows players to create new RuneScape characters and must play independently. You are limited to the resources and equipment you have and aren't able to get help from anyone else. It's great fun, and it tests your game knowledge and skill.


While this is a lot of fun is, there are some disadvantages currently: there isn't an simple way to prove the ironman, and there is no method to show that you've honoured the rules of the game (or tell if others haven't).


We can help! We're looking at adding a mode called ironman to the game to help with this community-generated gameplay. This is an experiment and we cannot say when or if it will be released. We could launch a simple implementation prior to making a decision on whether to go further.


(The Old School RuneScape team are contemplating an ironman-themed mode as well this makes a lot of sense as ironman's popularity really grew out of the OSRS community. If you're an Old School player, keep your eyes for the OSRS dev blogs and forums to join that discussion when it starts soon.)


In the early stages we'd like to hear your thoughts and have a discussion about the appropriate rules for Ironman. This is a quick overview of the rules and game mechanics that we've uncovered to date. Ironman mode starts by creating a new character. When you enter the mode of ironman, it cannot be turned off.


Ironman players would get chat badges or a skull, similar to the VIP star or mod crown. We'll need to design an ironman-specific way to finish Heroes Quest or Shield of Arrav on their own. As an option we might think about adding a filter to the hiscore table to only show players who are ironman. Another surprise? Hardcore Ironman is an extended mode available to the bravest of the brave. A new character is required


There's only one chance to live - once you're dead that's game ended! Only your hiscore is a thing. Ironman mode with a hardcore would display an alternative chat badge (maybe an orange skull). This is the point at which we're. Let us know any other ideas or ideas that can enhance the excitement!


Mods Easty, Philip and Pips. The idea of a one-life thing appeals to me. This is what I believed the first game was. I also believed that buy RS gold the game had finished when I was executed by a prison guard.


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