Maybe one of the least demanding RuneScape abilities to master since it requires only a pickaxe
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To start this event start, visit Draynor village inside Neds house RS Gold. There you'll see old the holly-jolly Santa crying as a pool of tears (Seriously, there will be an entire pool of tears. You have to jump over them in order to get to Ned.). Chat with Santa to start a conversation starting the event!


On your way to Falador In the Falador area, you'll be taken away at the gate as soon as you step inside (If you teleport, it will be here instead). A little Elf will ask you three questions in order to determine if they should be able to let you out or otherwise. The main test is to answer the questions wrongor they'll keep you and ask you to start over and over.


They will pose questions like "Is Varrock west or east of Barbarian Village?" or "What quest did Sir Amik Varze initially send people to?". These questions are straightforward and it's not difficult to get em wrong! After doing that tough process, you'll be transferred to Falador along with "Jimmy's bicycle". It isn't able to be taken away or destroyed, but it can be destroyed. It will break down at the time the event finishes Don't even think about keeping it! You can't ride it around.


Walk around a little bit and look for the event's symbol on your mini-map. You'll see new people who are at the icons. You can talk to them and convince them to provide you with gifts. You will receive a receipt from Santa that can be used at the shop for fancy dresses in Varrock cheap gold osrs. Also, you will be able to receive the following information.

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