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Welcome to Hats and Caps Online Store. Click Here Our Website You could Get the New Fashion Hats Ringht Now! The trapped location sketch map.Drawing Chen Feng Asian Heart Network (reporter Liu Xin) the evening of August 20th, Xinjiang Urumqi City Southern Shandong Poplar Ditch Piaomiao peak elevation of over 3400 meters, 10 outdoor enthusiasts on the way down the mountain and separated into many teammates cheap monster energy hats dc shoes caps, cliff Valley, trapped overnight after being rescued.
In August 22nd, according to the misty peaks to rescue Xinjiang friends of mountain rescue team leader Yang Jun, August 20th, Urumqi is an outdoor enthusiasts QQ group organized 30 group Friends of climbing Piaomiao peak, 10 people lost contact, to the Xinjiang mountain rescue team to help friends.
Rescue personnel said, on the day of descent, because it was a little black, after a piece of wood, some men behind and in front of the distance is far, the results are going in the wrong direction lost.
In 22, they returned to the resident green Villa count showed 10 people. To become separated from phone calls Red Bull Hats, but not connected. Subsequently, we got separated players sent a message, generally content 10 of them in a valley, decided not to in the downhill, in situ rest, a bonfire.
Subsequently, Yang Jun drove first to the East Poplar Ditch, at 1 in the morning, and the trapped player QQ group. ”Taking into account the night into the mountains to risk Red Bull Hats, and the trapped player has via SMS to tell everybody, basic in safe state.
We decided, such as mountain rescue dawn arrives, and then into the mountain rescue, in order to avoid rescue occurred in two at the risk of. ”Yang Jun said, at the same time, QQ group responsible person through the walkie-talkie, requirements have been into the mountains in search of two players to immediately stop the night search, local rest.
About six fifty in the morning, QQ group responsible person told Yang Jun, into the mountains in search of the two players did not completely abandon the night operations, has been found at the trapped player, through the walkie-talkie to the mountain pass information.
Other companions save eager, also consisting of 5 to 6 teams, carrying the clothes into the mountain rescue. About seven thirty, mountain rescue personnel arrived at the green hills, in the duty captain “God foot” (Lamb army under the leadership of the club manager), immediately carrying rescue equipment and medicines, food into the mountain rescue.
About ten thirty, the rescue team and the trapped climbers all safe return destination. It is understood, Piaomiao peak 3440 meters above sea level, is to the east of Poplar Ditch and sand ditch between the main peak, due to frequent clouds Piaomiao peak, named.
In recent years, due to the peak of the mountain can often see Medusa, friends often in July -8 months to climb this peak, but due to higher elevations, there is certain difficulty, appeared many times later than expected time down and wounded persons, such as separated.
Related news: 4 tour pal lost trapped in Korla more than 600 meters high steep precipices and cliffs 4 mountaineering enthusiasts due to labyrinthine trapped in a more than 600 meters high steep precipices and cliffs, in rescue workers after 4 hours of the rescue, the trapped personnel finally rescued.
From the Bazhou Public Security Bureau was informed of the news. Female tour pal Qinling Mountains Blues disappeared 21 days miraculously survived with normal vital signs the day before yesterday, Qinling Mountains blues and missing 21 days tour pal “appeared”.
In such harsh geographic and climate conditions can survive, a miracle. Concerned personage says, outdoorsy, not blindly pursue high difficulty cheap monster energy hats 59fifty fitted Embroidered, high risk Red Bull Hats, large amount of exercise outdoor line. Urumqi is a 20 much people tour pal team trapped Nanshan snow Valley December 12th morning 3 when make, this reporter received Xinjiang lamb Legion mountain rescue team news: a team of about 20 people in the south of Urumqi outdoor enthusiasts Tori Township ewirgol “wolf Valley” through the period of trapped trapped, location unknown.

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