Yvonne Jones - Private Financial Club: The "Honey of Money" Discusses IRA's and 401K's
Posted On 09/17/2011 01:41:51 by dreamjob

Do you have an IRA, or an old 401K that is losing their value? Did you know that you can use them to “BE THE BANK” and make MORE Money? Call to get the Insiders Secrets! 312-525-0402

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Is being a Private Hard Money "Lender" easier than being a rehab "Borrower"? Which one produces more cash flow per month? Dare to ask! We will prove that “BEING THE BANK” produces more annualized cash flow with LESS WORK AND LESS RISK!!

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(NOTE: By the way, think about this: When stocks crash & 401K’s tank, what do you have? Absolutely Nothing!! All gone – bye-bye! What happens when Real Estate tanks? You have something tangible - the Deed to the REAL Property! Given the choice, which one would YOU rather have?)

You're Invited!

CEO and Owner, Yvonne Jones of Private Financial Club invites you to visit their LinkedIn Group below:

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Yvonne Jones, CEO


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From: dreamjob
10/14/2011 01:55:52

Yvonne Jones - Private Financial Club – The Honey of Money says: “BE THE BANK”! Less Work; Less Risk; MORE Profits!

Call to get the insider's secrets: 312-525-0402 

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