Final Fantasy XIV will reduce the price
Posted On 09/18/2017 04:47:46 by JackMourinoh

FINAL FANTASY XIV and shared all the latest announcements(go to to see cheap ffxiv gil) from the producers' 14-hour live broadcast. You can view all the specific information about new actions, stories, tasks, raids that appear in the game in early October.


This morning, Square Enix explained in detail the new housing to Final Fantasy XIV with the same patch 4.1 update. Which is the final purchase of the expansion of housing and the original three cities outside the building capacity. In the nearest big city, there is a new residential area called Platinum, from the recent expansion of the storm.


The area is already open and I am exploring and exploring the house you want, but I really can not buy a lot there and build a house there. At the same time, I have more understanding of the specific process. Platinum is divided into 12 districts, divided into each.


As mentioned earlier, you can transfer your current real estate to one of these new areas. To start relocating the real estate process, if the patch drops, you need to go to your favorite new land, talk about selling cards, buy this episode. Doing so will open the option to reposition the current property.


Final Fantasy XIV will reduce the price by applying the value of 30% of the new episode to the new version. In a limited time, Square Enix is ‚Äč‚Äčincreasing the number of active furniture. At present, there are 400 rooms with indoor furniture and 40 outdoor furniture. All of which are placed in the new location of the warehouse.


Once the transaction is complete, you can purchase the old batch for the new owner. In the case of free corporate(welcome to our Buy Gil FFXIV site) real estate, only members who have acquired or abandoned the land can transfer the property to platinum or other residential areas. All of these features will be released in the Final Fantasy XIV next month.


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