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FFXIV Gil can buy top equipment in the game
Posted On 09/18/2017 05:04:04 by BiteLeaver

After the "Herbie" and "Armor" hurricanes hit the United States, "Final Fantasy XIV" players focused on providing medical assistance to vulnerable(view more at More about) groups including victims of natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Humanitarian mobilization charitable organizations "direct relief" The The community can raise more than 21,000 dollars.


The first goal is $ 1,000. In order to achieve this goal, encourage players to create the role of Lal Fuer, and in Asoua (Aesua) forward. I think it's a sponsored walk, but there is an adventurer adventure in a fantastic world adventure. According to Reddit's article, set up a 12-hour live stream, the goal is almost immediately realized. Soon after, it achieved a second goal of $ 5,000.


The game was also done quickly and organized an event to collect money for the victims of Harvey Hurricane Harvey disaster relief. After all, donations to the Houston Food Bank have reached $ 227,876.53.


Yoshida's general feeling is to reduce the risk of raising the chance of summoner DPS, improve the availability of the entire scholar, and improve the combat capability of the warrior. Because they cause harm, they are consistent with the Paladin and the Dark Knight.


In the same way, Yoshida speaks like the final fantasy XIV's overall goal is not limited. The game recently celebrated the fourth birthday, 14 games live and seasonal games. However, for Yoshida three generations, consider what should be done, always important, two years of the timetable is always taken into account.


Of course, holding these milestones every year is special, but I feel the position of the creator of this game(welcome to our FFXIV Gil Buy site). I think from my point of view, the fifth year is more prominent, so I think I am worried about how to do next year.


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