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Fitness Tracker for ECG monitoring
Posted On 01/26/2021 03:30:38


Once we take steps as the top goal for a fitness tracker, and now the heart rate becomes the key parameter for us to track our exercise. It is a development which benefits us because the heart rate reflects how hard we spent on activities. Also, most trackers will calculate the resting heart rate to measure the overall fitness over time. The 24 hours heart rate monitoring tracks if we have 150 munites of exercise one week.


ECG monitor designed physical activities, and smartwatches or bracelets that come with ECG monitoring and other functions are available for selection.


Fitbit series bracelets for Everyday tracking

The Fitbit focuses on fitness tracking. All their products have the optical heart rate monitor for 24 hours monitoring. When we set the 150 munites goal every week, it would divide into segments. It is easier to realize our setups.



Polar Ignite for training tracking

The Polar Ignite has a slim design, which can fit our wrist perfectly. There are running training plans in Polar Flow apps to help you improve the speed and physical fitness. The heart rate will sync to the apps to track heart rate day by day. At night, it would monitor the heart-rate and heart rate variability. It would physically stressed our body is and the recovery during sleep. It gives a score for the recovery and provides the suggestion for the exercise.


Apple Watch Series 6


With this new sensor came the ability to take medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements, taken by resting a fingertip against the button on the side of the watch for 30 seconds. It can detect signs of atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat), a condition that should also prompt a visit to your GP to get a proper medical diagnosis.


MYZONE tracker for HIIT exercise

No matter what kind of exercise we take, it would focus on the heart-rate zone to measure the workouts. We have the high Efforts Points in high heart-rates. By reading, we can easily know the effect of our exercise. If we’d rather not be tied to our phone while you exercise, the MZ-3 can store 16 hours of data, so we don’t need to sync it after every workout.


More devices with Spo2 sensor --

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Disposable ECG Lead Wires from Unimed China
Posted On 12/22/2020 02:21:30

Unimed Medical China has been the world's leading manufacturer of compatible ECG technology for decades. And now we're trying to come up with the disposable lead wire alternatives. It enables us to work most of the monitoring equipment on the market to the cables. As a lead wire for the single patient using, it will help reduce the risk of cross-contamination, enhance productivity, and boost patient comfort and outcomes.

According to the HAI, ECG lead wires are the top supplies containing more than one bacteria on the table surface, resulting in cross-inflection. It will lead to an inflection in both patients and doctors or nurses. The goal of the research on disposable lead wires is to minimize cross-contamination.

Characteristics of disposable ECG lead wires
1, Makes a new wire for each patient, which lowers maintenance costs;
2, 3-/5-/12-lead, and lead wires are eligible for selection;
3, Medical grade material with high quality shielded wire for outstanding anti-interference effect;
4, Lightweight wires offer comfort to the patient;
5, Peelable ribbon wires with the custom length for ease of use and cable management;
6, available in pinch or snap for quick connection to any display electrode.

Our guarantee to you:
The quality of disposable ECG cables is equivalent to the original cables, or much better than that of the OEM. The products get the certification from CE, FDA, or other departments for the destination market. The export of our goods to any nation is risk-free. We also have a 1-year warranty. Any quality issues, we guarantee free returns. Also, we support customization goods by emailing us the graphics for information if you want to customize the wires. We're going to search and study it for probability. We can also help you with versatility in small orders or retail orders. Welcome to our official website for more information:

Delivery Info

1) Our period of production:
Item will be delivered within 3-7 working days of your payment. We're still serious about delivery time. All orders will be closely reviewed by us to ensure there is no delay in shipping.

2) Types of shipping:
(a) If the order is not very high, we will give you UPS, DHL, FedEx, or TNT. After delivery, the tracking number will be told. The total express lead time is roughly 3-5 working days.
b) If there is a huge order, we will encourage you to use Air Freight or Sea Freight.

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The ECG Wires for Lifepak 11
Posted On 12/22/2020 02:03:46

There are plenty of compatible ECG cables available to choose from to save the budget and boost the clinical workflow. China Unimed Medical Supplies Inc., a leading manufacturer of compatible medical supplies, manufactures lead wires, cables, and sensors that operate with LIFEPAK 11. The most common wires are a 12-wire Direct-Connect compatible cable. It uses the TPU material for the cable jacket, which is durable and anti-wearing.

LIFEPAK 11 from Physio-Control is the perfect diagnostic cardiac monitor for most hospitals. It's strictly checked and easy to use.
The operation of the Lifepak 11 is as easy as 1-2-3 with an intuitive interface. And the easy to read large monitor supports communicating important events to relevant departments. It also supports the storage of defibrillation and speeding incidents for the extended CODE Description and downloads to the CODE-STAT® data management system for further review. It is used in the majority of hospitals. LIFEPAK 11 supports 12-wire and 3-wire direct connecting cables for patient monitoring.

Details of the cable:
Compatibility of:
Medtronic > Physio Control:  Lifepak 11, Lifepak 12, Lifepak 15, Lifepak 20

Technical specification:
Certifications: FDA, CE, ISO10993-1, 5, 10:2003E, TUV, RoHS Compliant;
Distal Connector: Round, 12-pin Connector
Proximal connector: pinch/grabber
Yes, latex-free:
Lead Cable: Gray Color

Cables are not only cheap substitutes – business leaders and independent experts trust our cables in their ERs, ORs, ambulances, emergency rooms, dental offices, and more. Comparing prices with those of the major brand names, we are competitive on the market.

Our Benefit for Commodity
1. Factory price: you can get a more affordable price;
2. Quick delivery: small order has enough stock;
3. All items of high quality and medical material;
4. Samples available: except for the trail order;
5. No minimum quantity needed;
6. If you want to import any goods or the test market, we have a versatile order for you;

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