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There are $37 Million in fake Shoes,What Does the Government Do?
Posted On 10/25/2021 09:04:30

This is where replica designer shoes die. This is the waiting period organized by the Department of Homeland Security. Here, the fake shoes completed the final step, rolled into a paper shredder, and chewed the entire pair of shoes into corn flake-sized pieces. I can't tell you exactly where the purgatory is—because the government won't tell me—but imagine an unremarkable warehouse somewhere in Texas, exuding the harmful oily smell of replica designer shoes. Currently waiting and waiting are 1,800 pairs of counterfeit Dior x Air Jordan 1 Low shoes seized by Customs and Border Protection at the Dallas-Fort Worth Port of Entry on July 17.

They should be golf balls, worth 3,000 kilograms. At least, that's what the shipping documents say. They should have traveled from Hong Kong to Mexico. Instead, they got stuck in Texas, where CBP officials inspected the shipment and found 60 boxes filled with fake Dior x Air Jordans and Adidas Yeezys. Valuation of high-end Jordan shoes at a retail price of US$2,000 per pair, the agency believes that the total value of these fraudulent goods exceeds US$4.3 million.

Their goal now is to make them worthless, so they become paper shredders. Soon, the impounded property contractor will destroy the shoes. Somewhere in Texas, when the confetti of synthetic leather adorns the air, the clanking machine will rattle of death.

What red flag determines their destiny? How skilled is the government in distinguishing replica designer shoes from real shoes? In order to find the answer, I turned to Raul Orona, the chief import and export officer of CBP in Dallas-Fort Worth. Although I incorrectly referred to him as a "Corona officer" at the beginning of the conversation, he still Answered these questions politely.
After a depression like this, what will happen to shoes?
Through the seizure procedure, we notify all parties that they have the opportunity to defend whether their goods are legal or not. Then, through due process, if it is found that they have no right to own these sports shoes, or have no right to import, or pass or obtain them, they will be destroyed.

How are they destroyed? Do you have a wood chipper to throw them in? Do you have a campfire?
They are usually chopped into corn flakes. There are different ways.
Do you have experts to consult with your team, who understand the appearance of fake shoes?
Oh yes. Our officials have received training. We have representatives from major shoe designers to provide training for our officials and our import experts. This showed us-showed all officials what to look for compared to the counterfeit goods they encountered, and what the legitimate product looked like.

They go to some kind of sneaker school to figure out these things?
Well, this is usually internal training. They will come to us. They will come to our office and they will provide samples of counterfeit shoes and the appearance of genuine shoes.
Do you personally know some details that indicate that the shoes are fake or inferior?
They delved into some of the secret things they put in their shoes. They are a lot like trade secrets. We cannot disclose what they share with us as manufacturers, but one of the signs is that most counterfeit shoes smell like glue. You can smell the used super glue. You can't smell that most shoes are made of legal genuine leather.

Yes, it is a wonderful smell for people like me. So you are saying that the things that the brand puts in the shoes have some industry trade secrets to confirm that they are authentic?
Yes, sir. Some major footwear [companies], yes, they have some type of code embedded in the shoes and what they have instructed us to look for.
How long did you realize that there was a problem with this shipment?
Our officers are well trained and experienced in identifying suspicious cargo. In this particular shipment, it is weight. More than 3,000 kilograms of golf balls were shipped to a suspicious address in Mexico. Therefore, this behavior raised some flags. If it is actually a golf ball, you will tend to see the golf ball being sent to major golf manufacturers or elsewhere. But this caused some suspicion, so we finally put the goods on hold and went out to check. Only then did we reveal that these were counterfeit shoes.

How often have you seen these replica designer shoes worn like this?
We usually see them, for example, one or two pairs pass, or even, I think we have a few hundred pairs before we have a bigger seizure. But 3,000 kilograms of shoes is definitely an eye-opener. Don't see it often, let's put it this way. About ten years later, e-commerce began to rise.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Authentication
Posted On 10/20/2021 08:18:50

Overall shape
To begin the Yeezy legal inspection process, please double-check the overall appearance of your shoes. Knitting patterns are worth verifying in any style or color scheme, because replica Yeezy shoes are prone to errors. In the example below, you may notice how the incorrect stitching pattern destroys the shape of the stripes in the middle of the replica Yeezy shoes.

Then, make sure to check the overall shape you are right. Even the most accurate copy can be wrong, because the adidas Yeezy 350 V2 has a specific curve behind it. This curve must extend from the midsole to the upper area of ​​the heel piece. Speaking of Yeezy's re-engraved version, the heel often looks bumpy.
Heel label
The next step in our Yeezy Boost 350 V2 certification process is to check the heel label area. First, make sure the label is placed correctly. One of the most common defects in replicas is that the heel label is too close to the lining.

Next, it is also worth checking the knitting pattern here. This is because different areas of Yeezys have different textures, creating a unique pattern throughout the pair. The re-engraved version of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 usually uses a loose knit design to make the pattern look very conspicuous. Take a look at the true and fake comparison of Yeezy 350 V2 below, you may notice the typical defects described above.
Middle stitch
The earlier adidas Yeezy 350 V2 color scheme has middle stitches at the toe and heel. This gives us another point of reference when performing the Yeezy 350 certification process.

When checking the middle stitch pattern, make sure that the stitches look uneven. A typical defect found in the replica Yeezy shoes 350 is that the middle stitches almost dissolve in the heel. This usually happens when the thread used is too thin or the color is too light.

The heel area is also very suitable for closer inspection of the overall pattern. The fake example below shows how unobvious the pattern might appear in an unauthorized pairing. At the same time, the pattern of the real heel looks more obvious, which is achieved by using a deeper and thicker thread.
Lining details
The next step in the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 verification process is to check the lining. The lining is an important aspect of this model and it is also a legal inspection guide because it is often used as a reference point.

First, verify the stitch pattern that outlines the cut; real sewing will be frequent, and there will be almost no space between them. The duplicate pair usually has some splicing inconsistencies. However, if you find some defects in the stitching pattern, please do not rush to conclusions, because some of them may be defects in the Adidas factory.

Second, verify the quality of the 3 stripes and the rubber details in the heel area. The authentic stripes are thick to the touch because they are not easy to wipe off. These details of the replica Yeezy shoes are usually of poor quality, making it look and feel thinner and cheaper.

Finally, check the overall color of the lining, as it can help you know how to identify a pair of replica Yeezy shoes 350 V2. You may notice in the comparison of the fake and genuine Yeezy Boost 350 V2 below that the imitation lining has a rather purple hue compared to the black used in real shoes.
Boost outsole details
Moving on, we have an outsole that must be verified. Although the producer of the replica Yeezy shoes 350 has almost perfected this detail over the years, the outsole may still be crucial in the certification process due to the "window" that displays Boost.

First, we must verify that Boost has the correct texture and correct surface treatment. The real material will be very bumpy and has a smooth finish. In a real pair, Boost's position will be quite large. When it comes to replicas, Boost is usually too flat and too small.

Then, it is worth checking the overall shape of this "window", even if it is mostly different in different pairs. The yeezy outsole often makes this window look too wide and bulky. On the contrary, in some other cases, the window may be too narrow.

Incorrect shapes can usually be observed with the naked eye, but you can also refer to the real and fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 examples below to learn more about the real outsole.

How To Tell If Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra are fake
Posted On 10/20/2021 04:54:57

Holistic approach
Let's start with the overall appearance.
The first thing we noticed is the tip of the sneaker. The midsole becomes thicker and thinner, becoming an outsole. The replica shoes model outsole should be much thinner than it is now; it must form a "curve" in the middle of the sneaker.
In addition, the difference in the heel counter is also very obvious. On the genuine model, it creates a curve, so the overall sneaker is much shorter in height, but the replica is not completely copied because it is straighter on this model.
Text method
Let us dive into the details.
The differences also appear in the text.
For example, as you can see, the letter "Y" slopes to the left and is much larger than it should be.
The space between the letters is larger, and the color of the thread used is also different, because it should be dark red like a genuine product.
The overall appearance of the copy text is super cheap.
Toe cap
If we look closely at the toe cap, we will be able to see how different the print is.
As you can see, the yellow circle shows that it should be a zebra pattern instead of the white part at the bottom.
The black should be darker; it has a faded color on the replica shoes, which makes it difficult to see the white line details in the middle of the toe.
Embroidery details
These little details make this pair of sneakers unique, but the copy factory messed them up.
Compared with the second picture, the embroidery details on the genuine model have a smaller width and a stronger three-dimensional effect.
The replica Yeezy shoes 350 V2 Zebra has asymmetrical embroidery details, and the quality of the thread is much lower than expected.
Size labeling method
Even if the size label does not appear, checking it is a good way to spot the replica Yeezy shoes 350 V2 Zebra.
Let's start with the font. As you can see, the font of "MADE" is completely different from the genuine model. This difference also appears in the initials of the countries: it is easy to see how thick and thick the letters on the fake labels are.
In addition to the font, the date is also wrong. 08/18 is the original date of replenishment in 2019, and the replica factory missed the detailed information.
Insole method
Similar to the size label, when we wear sneakers, the insole will not appear, but through observation, you can find replica Yeezy shoes.
The font is the main difference here: as you can see on the genuine model, the word "YEEZY" is tilted to the right, and the copy factory did not take this detail into consideration.
In addition to the font, the color of the insole was wrongly chosen because it should look cleaner.

Yeezy 380 Mist Fake VS Real
Posted On 10/20/2021 03:30:21

Overall modeling
We recommend that you start with the Yeezy 380 Mist certification by verifying the overall shape of the sneaker.

The first to be found here is the toe box. The toe cap of the replica Yeezy shoes is more upturned and has a larger curve. Not only that, it looks thicker and bulkier than the original one.

Next, please note that the heels of genuine shoes look thinner and taller. It gives the pair a more refined silhouette.
Lacing method
The next on our list is shoelaces. This may seem like a trivial detail, but surprisingly, many replica manufacturers have got it wrong.

The first and most obvious flaw here is the wrong color of the shoelaces. The replica shoes are beige, while the genuine ones are pink.

The second less obvious difference is that the laces of replica shoes have no structure. An interesting detail about these Yeezy 380 Mist is that they are fully laced. The copy usually doesn't bother this little element.
Reflective part method
Moving on, let us discuss the reflective material on the Yeezy 380 Mist Reflective.

Although it is not sure whether replica Yeezy shoes are more reflective than genuine ones, there is one thing you can definitely give away areplica Yeezy shoes380 Mist. You can notice in the comparison below that the reflective parts of the genuine pair are more defined, while in the replica, these parts are more integrated.
Toe box
For this method, we ask you to pay attention to the brown block on the bottom of the toe box.

As you noticed in the comparison of the fake and genuine Yeezy 380 Mist below, the front piece of the genuine one should be curved, clear and slightly larger than the fake one. If your shoes look smaller and less curved, you may be looking at fakes.
Heel method
Next is the follow-up method, which is considered to be one of the most reliable methods when discovering replica Yeezy shoes 380 Mist.

First, verify the shape of the heel. An authentic heel should be taller and thinner, maintaining an elegant shape. Note the leather label on the top of the heel. On the authentic pair, it is bigger and different in size.

Next, check the stitches in the middle of the heel. It turns out that this stitching is difficult to replicate, because many replicas have stitches that are too deep or not deep enough. The image below shows that the false suture is too deep and slightly off-center.

Finally, check the midsole of the shoe. It should feel smooth, without texture, and the color should be milky white without any yellowing. Another noteworthy detail is the slightly translucent top of the midsole, which should obviously be considered when verifying this pair of shoes.
Outsole method
As for the outsole method, you have to focus on the pattern of the sole. It has a unique wavy pattern that counterfeit manufacturers usually cannot replicate. The waves in this particular example are bigger and less clear than they should be.

Of course, the most significant difference is the shape of the Boost sole, but we will discuss it in detail in the next method.

Finally, please note that the Adidas logo on the bottom of the outsole seems to be off-center, and the effect printed on the outsole is not good. Now, let us continue to introduce Boost soles.
Boost sole method
The next method we’re going to introduce today requires you to look at the Boost soles of your sneakers.

It can be seen that the pattern of the replica Yeezy shoes Boost sole looks sharper, and the overall curve looks different.

Not only that, the impression of the Boost logo on the outsole looks very poor, so it is not obvious compared to the genuine product. It is also obviously not centered on the Boost sole.
Insole method
In order to legally inspect the Yeezy 380 Mist, the next step is to verify the insole. Here, you should pay special attention to the "Yeezy/Adidas" print.

We kindly ask you to pay attention to the color of the printed matter. The fakes are darker in color and look more shiny, while the genuine prints are matte. Not only that, the genuine letters are slightly rounded.


Real VS Fake Yeezy 700 V3 Azael
Posted On 10/18/2021 03:14:21

General appearance method
Yeezy has sneakers with very unique shapes, and we are just for them!

The original sneakers have a remarkable appearance, and the counterfeit models cannot be replicated well.

In addition to the shape, the rubber "net" covering the sneakers is very clear, very thick and three-dimensional, while the fake rubber net looks like melting ice that will soon disappear.

The replica shoes seem taller, while the original outsole is very clear and refined. In contrast, the fake outsole looks large and does not have the same effect at all.
Neon Law
Another cool thing about this model is its glowing neon lights.

Even if these pictures have no labels, we can still easily distinguish between genuine and replica shoes.

The neon lights of genuine sneakers glow brighter, absolutely a hundred times brighter than the neon lights in the bottom picture, not at all or the same quality.
General Observation Method (Alvah)
The black version of this shoe looks as good as beige sneakers.

The outsole of this unreal model is worse than the previous situation, because it is large in size and does not replicate the same shape at all.

If you look closely, you will see how the real heel stabilizer is more sculpted, and there is almost no transition between the midsole and the fabric heel stabilizer.

The rubber mesh on the artificial sneaker was much thicker than expected, which caused it to form a strange curve on the top of the toe.

Now, the gray lines of the fabric on the original sneakers are connected to each other even if these parts are separated from each other by the rubber mesh, and the lines on the replica shoes are not even the same size and completely mismatched.
Tips method
The Foxing on the replica yeezy shoes resembling the outsole is larger than the original, which makes it taller and has a different shape.

The original toe cap seems fuller than the unreal one.

In addition to size and shape, these two photos have some differences in details. The replica Yeezy shoes 700 V3 Azael has a large number of small gray dots on the side.
Toe box
The details on the toe cap are very symmetrical, while the side of the imitation toe cap is slanted.

Every detail of genuine sneakers is integrated with each other, but they are chaotically put together in the bottom picture.

Are these methods easy enough for you to follow? Even if you have the smallest question about anything, please contact us and we will help you!
Heel counter method (high quality reproduction)
They do better with rubber heels than anything else, but there are still some issues that need to be pointed out: first is the size-obviously, the heels of artificial sneakers are taller and heavier than the original ones, the original letters of the font and the Adidas logo itself are more thick.

The leather details on the genuine heel counter are much larger than those shown in the bottom picture, and the stitching on both sides is poor, which makes them very easy to fall off at any time.
The only way
When wearing sneakers, the soles are invisible, right? But we still need to consider them as one of the steps of authentication.

Every detail of the original sole has bright colors. For example, the yellow details on the top and bottom are much darker than those of the fake sole. The details of the fake sole are more soft colors than vibrant dark colors.

Not only is the color different, the shape is also different, and the font is also different-the letters on the original sole are symmetrical, and the thick ones are the same as the logo, while the letters on the fake sole are completely opposite.
Size labeling method
This is the last method in today's guide.

Both labels are square, but the main difference lies in the way the letters and numbers are placed on the label.

The letters and numbers on the artificial label are much thicker than expected; the same can be said for the QR code, which is unnaturally thick.

Replica Yeezy 350 v2 Ash Blue
Posted On 10/18/2021 02:53:45

Shoe box
There are many inconsistencies in the shoe box that can be discussed, such as the color of the cardboard, the color of the printing, and so on. But in this guide, we will not focus on these, because colors can be tricky due to different lighting. In addition, if the box is left in the sun for too long, the color will fade naturally. Instead, we will focus on black text and box labels.

A common mistake with letters is that they are usually not printed clearly. The text may be smudged or blurred. Basically, any small defect is already a cause for concern, but it is not the final evidence. In particular, the spacing between the fake Yeezy shoes's letters is smaller, which becomes especially obvious by looking at the word "Boost". Finally, the Adidas logo is too close to the text.

Next, check the label. First of all, the sticker on the fake box is a bit crooked. Second, the large and small numbers are done with the wrong font, because the number 9 is much thinner than it should be.
Heel shape
The heel area is very interesting because it shows the unparalleled silhouette of this sneaker. It turns out that copying is very difficult.

The first major difference is the curve of the insole between the tongue and heel. This is a very smooth curve, not as dramatic as the fake curve at all. In addition, the area of ​​the tongue is not that high.

The heel area is steeper. On the back side, the sole should form a fairly prominent bump, while the fake is flatter.
Toe box
When it comes to the feel of the shoe, the toe should be firmer and more layered. It should not bend easily, even if you bend it, it will rebound. In contrast, copies usually do not have such a fine structure. Therefore, they are more prone to damage and wear faster.

The original toe cap may also be longer and thicker in shape and heavier overall. You should also check for any inconsistencies in the colors and patterns. For example, here, the end of the yellow strike should be lower than the fake one.

Finally, pay attention to any loose stitches. If you notice any, this is not a good sign. The middle stitch should be very prominent and visible, creating a rough appearance. In the fake Yeezy shoes, it appears to be hidden, replaced by a lighter thread.
Insole printing
For the last step of Yeezy 350 v2 certification, you need to take out the insole and check it carefully. If you don't have the opportunity to do this, just look at the Yeezy insole printing is enough.

If you take out the insole and look at the bottom of the Boost sole, there should be no holes in the Boost. Then, turn the insole upside down and look at its underside. There should be a small thing on the back of the insole, while the Adidas logo on the fake will be much larger.

Now, let's get to the main part, the front side of the insole. First of all, the texture of the insole is wrong. The pattern should be meshed, but the re-engraved version of Yeezy has another one.

Then, if we look at the details of the fake Yeezy shoes, we can see that it is only a solid color, and there is no line to divide it. These lines should be visible, just like in the real example. Finally, we may notice that the original Yeezy printed letters are smaller and thinner.

Yeezy 450 Cloud White authentication
Posted On 10/15/2021 14:41:17

Fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White: midsole
Yeezy 450 Cloud White was released on March 6th at a retail price of $200, which made people polarized. Without a doubt, the most unusual and controversial part is the claw-like foam midsole, which wraps the entire shoe.

The first detail to point out is that the midsole and outsole are a bit fused, because they are the same material and color. If you compare the midsole and outsole of a shoe, you shouldn't notice much difference.

The second point is the shape of the "claw". The shape of the original Yeezy 450 is more prominent, with larger and sharper claws. The replica shoes Yeezy's claws are smoother, more curved in shape, and smaller overall. However, the purpose of these claws is more than just aesthetics. They are designed to provide support and necessary padding for your feet because there is no padding inside the sneakers. This is why they are quite hard and not very flexible. Re-enacted Yeezy 450 tends to provide less support and wear faster.
Toe box
Speaking of the toe box, the first thing to talk about is the material. Specifically, it is the primeknit upper. An interesting detail of this upper is that it becomes thicker around the toe box and heel, providing more protection for these areas. At the same time, the rest of the knitting is thinner, more breathable, and makes the shoes lighter and easier to wear.

The knitted material is very thick and durable, so you can walk around comfortably without worrying about any tearing or damage. On the other hand, with the replica shoes Yeezy double, you will notice that the knitting is not so durable. Not only that, but the knitting patterns are also different.

Next is the shape of the toe box. The authentic toe shape is more rounded and elegant. At the same time, the false toe box is thicker, wider, and looks more square.

As for the shoelace, the shoelace loop pops out of the shoe upper. Each lace loop is made of the same knitted material as the shoe upper. The rope laces are round, thick, and darker than the rest of the upper. The quality of fake shoelaces is often worse and not as dense.
Next, let's talk about the back of the sneaker.

As we mentioned before, the braid around the heel becomes stiffer, just like on the toe box, providing more support for the foot. Although most of the upper is cloud white, the back of the shoe is made of a slightly darker beige.

Another difference that needs to be pointed out is the midsole "claws". They should wrap the heel more tightly, as if embracing it. The replica shoes Yeezy 450 Cloud White does not have this look.

Finally, this model has a knitted sock-like ankle that is very elastic and fits tightly to the foot. It also makes the silhouette look more stylish and futuristic. Counterfeit socks, especially cheap socks, do not fit well and form a less elegant and less comfortable shape.
The insole is Ortholite, which is light tan. As usual, it has 3 dark brown brands printed on it: Adidas, Yeezy and Ortholite.

The first flaw of the genuine and fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White is the color of the logo. The fake one is not brown, but dark gray.

In addition, all three genuine logos are smaller compared to counterfeit logos. They are also farther away from each other, and the fakes are closer together.

Last but not least, similar to the letters on the size label, the letters are taller than they should be.

How To Legit Check Yeezy Slides?
Posted On 10/15/2021 04:10:26

Yeezy Slides Certification: Overall Appearance Method
Although the model looks simple, it is not so easy to copy it without high-quality materials.

In this case, the real sole that looked like shark teeth made the model stand out, and the copy slide failed to replicate the clear, clear and original appearance of the sole.

Although the soles are sharp, other features are rounder and softer: for example, genuine shoelaces are rounder, while fake shoelaces are sharper.

The tip of the fake slide itself is sharper and larger than expected.
Heel method
There are lines on the surface of the real heel to form a certain independent part, but it is not so obvious, and this part on the heel of the replica shoes is too prominent and defined to make it look cheap; in addition, the lines should not be completely straight , They should be a bit curved, as shown on the left.
Top method
If we look at the slide from the top, we will notice how the replicated model cannot create the circular cutout that the real model has. The transition between the top and bottom curves needs to be smooth and should not create too much contrast.
Footbed method
The outline of a genuine slide is not as high as replica shoes. This in particular may not seem so bad, but it still points to its falsity.

It is also necessary to mention the Adidas logo: although it is well engraved on the original insole, the copy factory decided not to be so deep, making the logo super pale and asymmetrical. This will give away a copy immediately.
Internal method
Look at the inside of your watchband. Is it Yeezy? In this case, the interior of the replica shoes does not even have a brand name, which is already a huge mistake.

When it came to the words "Made in China", they did not give the letters the appearance of 3D bubbles, but decided to engrave the letters badly and use the same technique as the previous method.
Size sticking method
Yes, you can even use size labels during the authentication process.

In this case, the copy size label did not replicate the font well. For example, if we compare these numbers, we will notice how bold and huge they are on the real model, while in the correct picture they are small and asymmetrical.
Although these methods of verifying Yeezy Slides are most relevant to the counterfeiting industry today, please be aware that counterfeit manufacturers are developing at a crazy speed.

Almost every month we notice that it is getting harder and harder to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products, as replicas are getting better and better.

You should definitely try the methods in this guide yourself, but if you spend a lot of money on an item, it might be wise to consider professional certification.

Real Vs Fake Yeezy Foam Runner
Posted On 10/15/2021 03:34:49

Yeezy Foam Runner Certification: Overall Appearance Method
The first thing we noticed about the replica Yeezy Foam Runners is how soft they are compared to the original, and they can maintain their shape even if they are not worn.

Because the counterfeit brand uses this soft foam, the replica "collar" looks crooked and weird when it should replicate the original appearance.

Another thing that must be pointed out is how the toes of the replica shoes are rounded when they should be sharper, as shown on the left.

In general, this is super cheap for the appearance of counterfeit products, even far from the original design.
Fake Yeezy Foam Runner: Heel Method
This model has many details, and we are not even surprised that the counterfeit brand failed to copy it successfully.

As you can see, the original shoe has a rounder heel, giving the illusion of a larger heel, while the counterfeit shoe has a smaller roundness, resulting in a smaller heel.

The difference is also reflected in the way the holes are made of the replica shoes Yeezy Foam Runner, because these parts should be larger and rounder, with a narrower outline, as shown in the left picture.

Finally, the collar-instead of letting it tilt on the side, they should make the counterfeit more centered.
Toe box
When analyzing the toe cap of the counterfeit model, you will notice how large it is compared to the original model; this will make it look unattractive.

Not only is it larger than expected, but the tip needs to be sharper and closer to the bottom, just like the picture on the left.

The hole should also say a few more words. The part of the replica shoes need to be placed more sideways to look sharper, rather than making it look like an unsuccessful version of Yin and Yang.
Front method
If we look at the model from the front, we will notice the severity of the failure of counterfeit brands in creating positive patterns.

The original hole is narrower but longer and has a more defined shape, while the fake hole looks like it just imitates the outline of the real pattern.

The holes on both sides of the shoe also need to be rounder and larger.
Heel counter method
Sometimes, counterfeit brands try to place logos where they do not belong, just to deceive customers into thinking they are selling genuine products.

In this case, they tried to put the Adidas logo on the back of the shoe, and the original heel counter did not even have these logos. Assuming the logo is there, the copy model still cannot convince us of its authenticity, because the logo is asymmetrical, not what they should be.

The genuine collar is taller but narrower, and the counterfeit model should replicate the expected appearance.

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