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How To Spot replica Nike Dunk Low Off White Pine Green?
Posted On 10/11/2021 15:57:10

1. Appearance details
Almost every identity verification process starts with an overall review of related items. This allows us to make preliminary judgments and check the quality of currency pairs. You must check if the color of the model is correct, but remember to consider the difference in light.

An important feature in this field is the Nike Swoosh, which is often mistaken by replica manufacturers. The shapes of all retail pairs are rarely the same, but the main inconsistency will point to a fake Off White Dunk.

Make sure to also check the orange label. This is another detail that varies from retail to retail pair, but the general rule is that the label cannot look too big or square. Most authentic pais have those who look wide but short.
2. China and India
On the inside of this pair of shoes, we found details that are familiar to any other Off White Nike cooperation fans. In the certification process, the inside printing is a good detail, because inconsistent fonts usually reveal a pair of fake Dunks.

Not only fonts but also print quality can help you find fake Off White Dunks. Make sure that the print is not too thick or too dark, and that it is in the correct position.
3. Inner tongue label
The inside of the tongue label is decorated with the iconic Nike text, which is also one of the most common defects in the reissue of Off White Dunks. The fake Off White Dunk always seems to be wrong in one aspect of the label-font, size, or the text itself. Therefore, please keep your eyes open to discover the inconsistencies.

Another point to consider is the double stitching at the bottom of the label. It will never look the same in all retail pairs, but it must be the same size as your pair. If the size is relatively large, there must not be too much excess fabric around the stitching.
4. Zipper tie
The zipper tie is one of the less noticed details compared to other parts of the shoe, so it is one of the most effective verification aspects. First of all, fake Off White tie prints are usually too dark in color. Its quality can also be verified by carefully checking the dotted fonts, which are rarely smudged in retail replica Off White Dunks.

Keep in mind that the trademark (™) text of most genuine cable ties uses a lighter font than the rest of the text.

You should also check the overall shape of the cable tie to see if the transition from the wider to the narrower part is sufficiently curved.

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How To Spot Replica Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA?
Posted On 10/11/2021 15:55:21

1. Overall modeling method
To ensure that your pair is of good quality, you should first look at the overall shape and outline.

First, look at the heel. In our comparison of AF1 Off-White MCA fakes and real ones below, you can notice that the heels of genuine shoes are more straight, while the heels of fakes are more curved.

Secondly, the insole is also wrong. In the fake AF1 Off-White MCA, the insole is more prominent and has an irregular shape. This is certainly not part of the original design.
2. External whirlwind method
Now, let us continue to discuss one of the most unique details of this model, which is Swoosh. Here, we have the iconic Off-White deconstructed Swoosh, made of shiny reflective silver. It turns out that it is difficult to copy, because the repilca Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA is somewhat different from the original.

The most obvious difference is the shape and size of the Swoosh. Judging from the two perforations below, the fake one is significantly smaller and shorter. Note how the genuine Swoosh touches one of the perforations, while the fake Swoosh floats above it. It was also too far from the suture on the left, and the authentic almost touched it. This can only tell one thing: the fake Swoosh is too small, too short, and misplaced.

Now let's check for some less obvious flaws. First, pay attention to the perforations around the Swoosh. On the replica, they were placed around the wrong edge of the Swoosh. Second, the suture seems to be wider than needed. Finally, the red flap on the Swoosh is closer to the left than the original one.
3. Air Midsole printing method
For this method, let's focus on the "Air" print on the midsole. If you want to legally check AF1 Off-White MCA, this small detail will be helpful. To make the guide more comprehensive, we will look at two examples-one with poor quality control and one with better quality control.
4. Toe box method
The next method we are going to introduce today is the toe box method.

Of course, you can notice the color difference of the shoes. This may be due to different lighting, but some reproductions do get the wrong color, so you should always pay attention to this.

As for the less obvious mistakes, look at the stitching on the toe box. It should be slightly wider on the genuine product.

Finally, check the perforation of the toe box. There is no doubt that they should be the same size and the same distance from each other. This fake AF1 Off-White MCA looks right, but you should look for any misalignments and inconsistencies on the shoes. Any defect like this is an instant mark of the replica.

How To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Hoodie?
Posted On 10/11/2021 15:52:35

Louis Vuitton Hoodie certification:
1. Printing method
This can be considered the most important step, because printing can determine the success or failure of a hoodie.

The printing on the right is more asymmetrical, the symbols are thicker and larger, and the clarity is lower. On the other hand, the original print is clearer, clearer, and more detailed, and the fake Louis Vuitton Hoodies should have the same appearance.
2. Font law
It’s no secret that counterfeit brands almost always cannot copy fonts.

In this case, the letters on the genuine sweatshirt are thin and narrow, using light yellow, while the fake Louis Vuitton Hoodies font is thicker, bolder, and orange, making the font look very different.

The material of the original label is grain-free and smooth, but the quality of the counterfeit is much lower.
3. An inside-out approach
Some people may think that looking at sweaters from the inside out is useless, but remember that we need to obtain as much detailed information as possible in order for our identity verification process to succeed.

The difference between the two pictures is huge: the symbols on the authentic sweater look like what the original pirated print should look like, while the knit pattern of the fake Louis Vuitton Hoodie is completely absent. These symbols are smaller, have different shapes, and are not what they should be.
4. Knitting pattern method
The fake knitted pattern is different from the original appearance because when it should have the same shadow as the genuine symbol, the symbol is made thicker with a darker line.

In addition to different knitting patterns, the counterfeit brand also decided to make it bigger, so that we can find fake Louis Vuitton Hoodies more easily.
5. Washing labeling method
Check the washing label. If we compare these two pictures, we will notice the smoothness of the original label and the graininess and low quality of the fake label in the correct picture, but this is not the only difference.

The text on the fake label is also faded, smaller and thinner than expected.

Tags: Fake Louis Vuitton Hoodies

How To Spot Replica Louis Vuitton Mini Dauphine Bag?
Posted On 10/11/2021 15:51:38

1. Overall view
Let's start our identity verification process by observing the overall appearance.

The classic Louis Vuitton monogram on the bag is different from the original: the beige surface has a darker print, and the print on the flap is lighter than the original shoulder bag.
2. Monogram Law
The monogram canvas has been mentioned in the previous method, but we should take a closer look.

As you can see, not only the tone is different, but the overall color is also different; the authentic Louis Vuitton monogram is more orange-brown, while the replica Louis Vuitton monogram shoulder bag is light beige.

The difference is also reflected in the shape of the monogram canvas elements. The details on the genuine print are more refined and thinner.
3.Logo method
Let us agree on one thing-the Louis Vuitton logo can be recognized by anyone, and it is no surprise that the brand emphasizes it so much.

The logo on the authentic Louis Vuitton shoulder bag is truly exquisite and the details are thick and delicate; the situation is different for the replica. The logo itself is ultra-thin together with the attached metal rectangle, and the shape is twisted and stretched.

The difference is also reflected in the metal used to make the replica logo. It is light gold and reflective, while it should be matte and shiny gold.

On the authentic model, the flap attachment itself is wider and the stitching is neat. The color of the thread used on the replica designer shoulder bag is so different from the background color that it stands out in the worst way possible.
4. Labeling
The label is as important as any other detail of a shoulder bag.

You may have noticed that the genuine label is darker brown than the replica designer shoulder bag.

The letters on the fake model were carved but not colored, which is a big mistake because they should be black.
5. Dust bag method
We got the last method today.

After opening the shoulder bag you have always wanted, the first thing you see is the dust bag.

Notice how the fonts are different in the two cases-the letters should be as thick and large as shown on the original model.

The materials used in the production of the products are also different-the colors are different, the replica designer shoulder bags are easy to wrinkle, and they are not as textured as expected.

How To Identify Fake Louis Vuitton Bag?
Posted On 10/11/2021 15:50:41

Louis Vuitton bag replica and real comparison:
1. Main mode
Louis Vuitton handbags use a variety of patterns in their styles, and their colors are also different. This Louis Vuitton certification guide will cover the three most popular styles used in vintage and modern handbags.

Damier mode

This "checkerboard" pattern is widely used in the design of LV handbags and is deeply loved by bag lovers all over the world. There are also several colors, the example below shows the "Damier Ebene" version.

In order to identify the Damier Ebene pattern, you need to pay attention to the texture of the canvas. Please note that the genuine canvas has a very clear texture, while the texture of the fake handbag does not look so clear.

Another detail that needs attention is the text printing and its quality. In the comparison below, you may notice that the characters of the authentic Louis Vuitton logo look more bulky and yellower. The fake LV handbag logo has orange shading and the letters are very thin.
How to identify fake Louis Vuitton handbags:
2. External logo label/label
The external logo label is another important aspect of the LV package legality check process because it provides several details that need to be verified. Here, we will introduce four types of external logo tags and share some tips on how to identify counterfeit tags.

3. Ring logo label
This type of Louis Vuitton logo label appears in the most popular handbags and handbags. Here, you must verify the overall appearance of the label and make sure to check all its aspects.
First, make sure the shape of the label is correct. Replica Louis Vuitton handbags usually have these labels, which look more slender and triangular than they should be. Please keep in mind that the color of these labels may vary depending on the condition of the wallet and the year of release.
Then, verify the stitch and make sure that the correct thread is used. The authentic Louis Vuitton wallet will use high-quality thick thread in the same color as the label itself. When it comes to fake Louis Vuitton bags, the thread used is often too thin.
Also, pay attention to the text in the tab to see if the font used is correct. One of the most common mistakes made by counterfeit manufacturers is that the font used in the ® simbol is incorrect, which also makes it look too large.
Internal logo label
Another part of the label worth verifying is the internal logo label, which also comes in different shapes and sizes. Here, we focus on the most widely used type, which can be found in most medium Louis Vuitton handbags.

Check the internal label, first pay attention to its stitching, and make sure to verify the pattern and position. The real stitch is usually placed very close to the edge of the label, and its corners are sharp.

Another important aspect that applies to all text details is fonts. Note how narrow the characters of the fake Louis Vuitton bags label are, now the actual letters look cumbersome.

How To Spot a replica Supreme Shirt?
Posted On 10/11/2021 15:35:34

Check collar stitch

Stitch, stitch, stitch. Whether you want to legally inspect a hoodie, shirt, or hat, the stitching of this item almost always reveals its authenticity. On the Supreme shirt, check that the stitching is correct starting from the collar. The neckline of a real Supreme T-shirt should not have any visible stitches, even if there is only one thread. A seam should tie the collar to the rest of the shirt. However, when dealing with authentic Supreme long-sleeved shirts, some items do only have one stitch on the collar, but this is limited to long-sleeved shirts. However, if you have two or more stitches at the neckline of your long sleeves, it means you may have a fake Supreme shirt in front of you.

Again, look at the tags

The stitches on the inner neck markings are also critical. Too much stitching, or stitching where it shouldn't be, can help determine if the garment you are dealing with is a fake Supreme t shirt. For a real Supreme shirt, there should be a stitch on each edge of the white collar. Fake Supreme shirts usually have double or triple stitches on the same edge.
The content of the neck card is also very important. Here, the smallest-we mean the smallest-details can reveal a fake Supreme shirt. First, make sure that the text of all neck labels is centered, bold, and easy to read. Next, and most importantly, look at "Made in America." It is printed in the middle of the label, just above the size letter. Observe carefully, because all real Supreme shirts will have a period between each letter and after the "A" in "U-S-A". The fake Supreme shirt may overlook some small details, so please pay attention to whether there is a period missing in "America".
(For Supreme shirts before 2000, the collar will look different. It's probably just a red "Supreme" label with the size and country of origin at the bottom, but again, look for those periods near "USA" , They should still be there, no matter what year of Supreme you want to buy.)

Flip the neck label and look for the faint watermark. Below the washing instructions at the top of the label, right in the middle, there should be a white, translucent, bold, all-caps "SUPREME" watermark, visible under direct light. However, for shirts manufactured between 2005 and 2007, the watermark may show "SUP" and the year of manufacture.


How To Spot a Fake Supreme Hat?
Posted On 10/11/2021 15:26:18

Looking towards Bogo

At this point, you are already a master at picking out flaws from the box logos of counterfeit Supreme items. However, on the Supreme hat, there are several important points to check the legality of bogo. The size of the bogo on the front of the standard Supreme hat should be 3.1 x 1.1, with the beloved italic font.

We can't emphasize enough: when checking the box logo legally, the font should always be italic, whether it's on the Supreme hoodie or the hat. Normally, the fake Supreme hat will have the correct font, but it will be bolder and upright instead of neat and correct italics.

Check Cap's bill

Some fake Supreme hats will gradually phase out one of their most important parts, the unique lip on the edge of the banknote cap. The round lips should extend along the outside of the beak-many fake Supreme hats will have a completely flat brim on the surface, proving how fake it is. If the round brim is there and you still suspect, continue counting the number of stitches on the edge of the hat itself. The real Supreme hat will have 6 sharply curved stitches in the shape of the brim. Normally, there are less than 6 stitch lines on the Supreme replica hat.
Folding test

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to determine if your new Supreme hat is fake. Just fold up the hat like storing it and check the holes. When folded, the holes on both sides of the hat should be aligned so that you can see them. On the fake Supreme hat, these holes will not align, or will be blocked by tags or other materials.

As always, check the tags

Tags are where most (if not all) fake Supreme works go wrong. For most hats, the white inner label should be about three-quarters of an inch square. On the label itself, there should be a non-bold "MADE IN" text with "U.S.A." above the American flag. Printed directly under the banner. Below all of this will be the word "Supreme", its complete and italicized beauty.

The fake Supreme hat that says "MADE IN USA" may be bold, the stars on the American flag look more like small asterisks, and the word "Supreme" must look like, well, not like the Supreme logo, regardless of the word Is the spacing wrong or wrong italic?

Tags: Fake Supreme Hat

How to make jeans perfect?
Posted On 01/31/2018 04:38:29

Maybe you've already got a pair of fake jeans for your store, but loose a few times after wearing it, or the fake jeans you buy are too small or too long. If necessary, through some washing, seamless technology, maybe a tailor's journey, you can turn uncoped jeans into your favorite jeans if necessary. Wash the fake jeans with cold water and then dry the jeans with high temperature to keep the fit.

step 1 If they are too large, please wash the fake jeans with cold water to shrink. Put them in a high temperature dryer for about an hour. Repeat as needed to refresh a pair of loose, worn fake jeans.

Step 2 Out of a very small jeans. Stand and hold one leg cuffs. Please stand someone opposite you to keep your waist down. Slowly pull on the fake jeans while stretching them. Be careful not to get too tight, use this technique only on thick denim instead of the light, elastic denim that may tear. Repeat the other leg.

Step 3 Put on your fake jeans If they are too tight, your legs should be separated. Keep your back straight and squat as slowly as possible to stretch the thighs and back. Lean forward to pull it.

Step 4 Expand your belt after a meal, or if you have a little weight. Keep the fake jeans loose, and then put a piece of loose hair on the button two or three times. Pull the button out of the button hole, through the button hole, and fasten the button to hold it. Buy an adjustable fake jeansbutton to get the same effect if you want an option to show you your waistline.

Step 5 Send the fake jeans to the tailor to modify. Let the fake jeans cut in your heels, or longer pants. Have them lower their waistline or adjust the button for more precise fit.

Tags: Fake Jeans

How to Know if a Vintage Chanel handbag is not replica?
Posted On 01/29/2018 04:18:21

Since the mid-20th century, Chanel has become a well-known fashion brands, especially handbags. Chanel purse is made of very high quality materials, and its durability is known. As the Chanel brand is very expensive, so cheap replica designer handbags is very common. Tell your old-style Chanel bag is real or fake designer handbags, is quite easy.

Check the wallet's internal label. The real Chanel bags are printed with specific easy to identify Chanel logo. Signs can be gold or silver Chanel logo, with the Chanel logo oval label, with a white Chanel black label or black label with vertical lines. These are the only signs of Chanel, so any without these Chanel bags are replica designer handbags.

Find the package's serial number. The number should be seven or eight digits long. All Chanel handbags have a specific serial number and certificate of authenticity,if not,they replica designer handbags.

Look at the purse zipper pull. There should be a Chanel logo, either Chanel or CC zipper pull. All Chanel handbags are printed on the zipper zipper Chanel logo.

See the bag in the CC. The top of the right C must overlap the top of the left C, and the bottom of the left C must overlap the bottom of the right C. The two Cs should look closely connected together. replica designer handbags do not have the correct overlap sequence and two Cs are not tightly together.

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