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I recently looked into replica clothing,and this is my advice.
Posted On 11/07/2017 14:14:38

Many of the Chinese pieces are not replica shoes but fantasy pieces. They take something they make for walmart and remake it at night with a fake designer logo sewn in or glued on.

Genuine armani shirts are not that expensive, online 60-200. Don't buy on ebay either. 90% of the replica designer clothing there is fake clothes, 70% of designer jewelry is fake designer jewelry, and 50% of the cheap replica designer watches are replica watches.

Don't buy from any flea market, those only have the cheap stuff. There are very few sites that have high quality fake clothes. Those are labeled as 1:1 copied clothes replicas, though some sites can lie about that too. Even the 1:1 are not as high of quality and can have big tells.

Look at the replica clothes sites offering replica shirts, now look at their selection of replica shirts,fake shirts, etc. They are allmost the same shirt. All the Chinese fake clothes do is put a different logo on the pocket. Also,replica shirts does not put logos on the pocket. If you were to buy one of those and wear it to a party, anyone who actually knew anything about armani would spot it as a fake from several feet away(including me).

These are fake clothes and even if no one says anything many will see the tell-tale signs and know. Do you really want to be seen as a fake clothes?

There are some good quality replica watches but there are also some bad ones that are easily identified as a replica watches and unless you are an expert in replica watches you will not know the difference. The problem is when you go to a high end party where people wear real replica designer rolex watches and know them well, they will see your cheap fake watches and know what it is. Same for replica clothing replica shoes and some replica jewelry.

Tags: Replica Clothingreplica Shoes

how to spot replica sneakers(2)?
Posted On 11/07/2017 13:54:37

5.) When buying online get a legit check on the seller or website. If buying on eBay check the sellers feedback and other items for sale. Also, if the seller or website is offering a full size run at a very cheap price way under retail don’t risk it. If they offer bulk orders on any Replica Air Force 1Repilca Air Jordan,Fake Dunk SB,Knock off Air Max,Replica Bape Shoes and etc DON’T BUY.Just think if there were ONLY 150 pairs made, and the seller or website offers bulk orders and they tell you they have 700 pairs in stock. Then do the math and think about it.......they’re FAKE Sneakers. In most cases the websites have everyReplica Air Jordan style in every size for $75-$85. That’s a dead give away right there, and the average Jordan retail price is $110+. Also, some shoes have too much extra or too less. For example, the Replica Air Jordan 3 with the Jordan key chain, this let’s you know right away the Jordans are FAKE SNEAKERS. How about the "NIKE AIR" missing on the back, the real 2001 retro pair should have the Nike Air NOT a jumpman.

6.) If you have detailed pictures of the shoes online or a pair you’ve already bought and you want to get a legit check, you can go to or and go to the "Legit Check" post. You will be able to get tons of information from people in the "Shoe Game" that know FAKE SHOES with their eyes closed, but before you’re able to post on the forums you must register (it’s FREE).

7.) If you have a bad feeling don’t purchase!!!!!!

8.) When shopping online if the seller or website only takes Money Orders this doesn’t mean the shoes are FAKE SHOES. If you’re buying from an eBay seller and they live in your local area they should be willing to do a local meet up.

9.)You should be able to contact them via e-mail, and get a reply in 1-2 business days.

10.) Variants is another word for FAKE SNEAKERS, it just sounds better to the customer.

11.)If the seller or website states that shipping will take 10+ days to ship, this is a nice HINT that the shoes are FAKE SHOES, and they don’t have the product in stock. Most of the time the product is being shipped from overseas from a factory where REPLICA SHOES are made.

12.) You can’t always go by the sellers feedback because some people get FAKE shoes and leave positive feedback just because they don’t know the item is FAKE Sneakers.

If you follow these tips this should help you to determine if the shoes are AUTHENTIC or FAKE SHOES. Although if you’re buying the shoes online you never know until the REPLICA SHOES get to your house or business. The seller or website may have pictures of AUTHENTIC shoes as a cover up, but ship you FAKE SNEAKERS. This is why it’s so important to get legit checks and listen to that little voice on the inside of you. Those that have the opportunity to see the shoes in person like in a Flea Market, local meet up, or other places. You have the advantage and PLEASE use these tips, and who cares if they look at you like you’re crazy...........bottom line, it’s your money.

Tags: Replica Sneakersreplica Shoes

how to tell the replica sneakers?
Posted On 11/07/2017 13:49:37

When we say Replica sneakers, we don't simply mean an Authentic products!

Signs to look out for when spotting FAKES SHOES

1.) Always look at the tag on the box. On most FAKE SHOES the box tag will be too big or labeled in the wrong place. The font size will be off (too big or too small). Also, the name of the KNOCK OFF SHOESlisted on the box tag may be missing key words. If you’re buying a replica Jordan shoes, and the box tag reads replica Air Jordan shoes, but notice the word "retro" is missing. The section on the tag that tells the color of the shoe is usually missing words or states the wrong color from the authentic box tag.

2.) Smell the Replia designer SHOES, we know this may sound weird but the REPLICA DESIGNER SHOES should have a certain smell. Basically, it’s like the smell in a new vehicle. It’s distinct, hard to describe, but uniquely REAL...The KNOCK OFF SHOES are made with a very cheap quality material.The factories have a smell that you should recognize, and it’s mainly because of the material and glue they use. The smell of the replica Air Force 1's, Jordans, Bape’s at your local Flea Market or your favorite website that offers all these for $75 will have a totally different smell.Keep in mind the smell you get when you buy a fresh pair of shoes from Footlocker, Champs, Finishline, or etc.

3.) Check the original box, most FAKE SNEAKERS boxes will be very thin and have lots of damage. However, just because the box is damaged doesn’t mean the shoes are FAKE SHOES. Sometimes FAKE SPORTS SHOES will come in odd color boxes,box that doesn’t belong to the model for sale (wrong box), or the box is to small for the size (ex. size 12 in a size 9 box). The bigger sizes have wide boxes so there’s room for the shoes to fit properly.

4.)Always check the inner tag in replica shoes that shows the size. Many times the tag has the wrong production year and the font style is off from an authentic tag.

These are very important signs to look for, and FAKE SNEAKERS are different sometimes so not all of them will have the same signs. This may also be applied to replica Air Force 1, fake Dunk shoes,replica Air Max shoes, and other shoes known to have FAKE SNEAKER versions.Look for these signs and this should help if you already know what the authentic box tag looks like or if you can compare the authentic tag to the one’s you’re considering buying.

Tags: Replica Sneakersreplica Shoes

many people want to buy replica clothes shoes,but they don't where to...
Posted On 11/07/2017 13:13:54

All of products on are high quality Grade AAA+,we have our own factories to make everything,.we only make the best replicas! Maybe you think our prices are higher than some of other suppliers,but please remember that we only offer the best replicas and best service!
You will love our products when you receive them! Don't hesitate,jsut do it now!

High Quality Replica Clothes,Replica Clothing,quality replica shoes,replica handbags,Replica Sunglasses,Replica designer jackets,Fake Belts,Replica T shirts,replica Purses & Wallets,Replica jeans for men,Replica Women jeans ,Replica dress shirts,Replica apparels,Replica long sleeve t-shirts wholesale,Replica Jewelry.

Tags: Replica Shoesreplica Clothes

Where is the best website to buy replica clothes?
Posted On 11/07/2017 13:03:40 is a professional trading company,dealing in various famous brand shoes,handbags,jeans,garments,t-shirts,watches,sunglasses etc.
We are wholesaler,retailer and many brand goods agent, having set up long-term and closed cooperation with many manufacturers and factories.We can not only provide the top quality products, but assureyou the best price in China on the basic of the equal condition as well. 
We have established stabletrade and business relationship with many importers in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Middle East. Meanwhile,our business is successfully expanded in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Brazil and so on. 
TOP & BEST quality of products, highreputation, excellent service and profe ssionalism are what we compete with our competitors. 
We sincerely wish to cooperate with you , making mutual benefit! We surely would be your first choice of suppliers for TOP quality products!

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TOP & BEST quality of products, highreputation, excellent service and profe ssionalism are what we compete with our competitors. We sincerely wish to cooperate with you , making mutual benefit!We surely would be your first choice of suppliers for TOP quality products!

Tags: Replica Clothes

why many people enjoy buying replicas?
Posted On 11/07/2017 11:12:24

Many people enjoy wearing replica shoes, the added quality and the famous brands which replica shoes enjoy over inferior clothing. Therefore, Here are 4 clear points which should help you to be able to spot fake clothing!However since the introduction of the internet there is an increasing amount of fake shoes on the market. it is essential that when buying replica clothing you buy the replica clothing and not the replica shoes.

1. The majority of fake designer shoes is imported from cheap mass production countries such as China, Thailand, Japan (mostly Asia). The easiest way is to purchase Mens replica shoes where the prices are the one of the lowest and all products are 100% authentic. If you follow the above 4 tips you should be able to avoid fake designer clothing. 

2. When buying wholesale replica clothing from a website, check the contact details and the terms & conditions. I would also suggest avoiding Ebay as this has a lot of replica designer handbagslisted on the site from foreign sellers.If there are no contact details just a form to fill in be cautious as they may be hard to trace if you are unsatisfied with your goods.

3. Once of the biggest giveaways of replica watches swiss quality is the material of the product.If possible examine the garment and if buying on line look in detail at large photographs of the product.Fake designer clothing the stitching is normally of poor quality and details such as the brand name on labels will be missing. Look closely at the fine details. Nearly all fake designer watch is cheaply made using low cost and inferior materials in comparison to replica designer watches.

4. Allreplica shoes have low prices in comparison to replica clothes. Before purchasing browse around and see the normal prices for fake clothes. For example, the site show the base price of Cheap Wholesale fashion clothes,fake Armani Jeans,fake Moncler Jackets and many other products. These are fake Prada shoes can’t be bought (even direct from Prada) for anywhere near this amount.For example, fake Armani shoes are selling for less than US$100!Neatreplica shoes wholesale have some of the lowest prices on mens imitation shoes, a good idea is to check their site before purchasing as a good guide for base prices.

Tags: Buying Replicas

How to spot replica sneakers?
Posted On 11/07/2017 10:54:22

Replica Nike shoes are popular items for counterfeiters to reproduce. If you're not careful, you might wind up buying fake sneakers for the price of a real pair. How will give you tips on how to spot fake Nike shoes.

Ensure you are protected from fraud. Some online websites provide their customers with a return policy, even if the seller is a third party of the site. Having security that you will get your money back will protect you losing if you do happen to purchase fake Nike shoes.

1.Avoid sellers that substitute stock shoe photos for pictures of actual Nike shoes. A stock shoe photo is more aesthetically appealing but it's not what you should be looking for when purchasing replica shoes online. A photo that is obviously shot within a home ensures that the pair actually exists and its condition can be matched with the photo.
You could try to contact the seller and ask them to take another photo of the shoe with an item that determines the date or authenticity of the photo. For example, ask the seller to take a photo of the shoe next to today's newspaper.

2.Investigate Fake Nike shoes sellers on the Internet. Be extremely cautious when purchasing Knock off Nike shoes on the Internet. Since you don't actually have the physical products in front of you, you can very easily be throwing money at a fake shoes. To avoid purchasing a fake shoes:
Read website ratings and reviews before buying anything.

3.Avoid Replica shoes priced far below their normal value. The shoe is either fake sneakers or extremely damaged.
Generally, a replica Nike shoes that is priced in half is most likely fake shoes. A reasonable discount is more realistic, especially if the shoe is a limited edition or vintage.
A seller might price it extremely high and offer you the chance to haggle to a ridiculously low price. Be careful, especially since you don't have the physical shoe to verify its state and existence.
Check the shipping estimation. If it will take between 7 and 14 days to deliver your shoes, they are likely traveling from China (a verified source of fake Nike shoes) or from another distant country.
If you must order Nikes online, it's best to purchase them directly from the company's website or from the list of authorized [Nike retailers.]

4.Avoid items that claim to be "custom," "variant" or "sample" Nike shoes. replica shoes samples only come in men's U.S. size 9, 10, 11, women's 7 and children's 3.5.
View the seller's entire inventory. For unknown reasons, counterfeiters tend not to sell U.S. sizes 9 or 13 and above.
Older fake Nike shoes that are out of production are almost never available in a full sizing run. For example, if you're searching for a pair of vintage Nikes and find a site that has a stock of 200, they are likely fake shoes.

5.Don't buy shoes that are available before the official release date. It is almost guaranteed that any shoe available before the official release date will be a counterfeit.
These replica shoes may look like an upcoming design but are most likely modelled very closely to look like it. Early release photos allow counterfeits to be produced without originals to be compared with and many people fall into the trap of attempting to get their hands on a pair before everyone else.

Tags: Replica Sneakers

An important thing about Christian Louboutin
Posted On 11/07/2017 10:24:48

Officials replica Christian Louboutin shoes say that Replica Christian Louboutin Boots residents can apply for state and federal loans if necessary. Well, what good does that do me? asked Thelma. I’m living on social security. I’ve got four trees on my property. The government’s not going to loan me money when they know there’s no way I can pay it back. So what am I supposed to do? These planners with all their big ideas ought to think of the little people.

A man Fake Christian Louboutin Sandals convicted of writing bad checks to casinos has written a book that he predicts will become a national Christian Louboutin Replica bestseller. Entitled a Casino Is Born Every Minute, the 250-page book details James Duncan’s successful and unsuccessful attempts to beat casinos. Duncan is serving a five-year sentence for grand larceny in the Las Vegas city jail. He wrote 18 bogus checks, ranging in value from $3,000 to $10,000, at 17 different casinos.

My only Knock off Christian Louboutin Boots mistake was cashing that last check at the same casino I had cashed the first check at, said Duncan. They were waiting for me. Duncan only has a few months left before he is Christian Louboutin Replica released from the jail. During his incarceration, he used the library facilities and computers to write his book. He completed the book two months ago and is Christian Louboutin Replica now shopping it around to replica christian louboutin wedges shoes various publishers.

Tags: Replica Christian Louboutin

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