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What are the benefits of a Crib Rail Cover?
Posted On: 01/18/2021 00:01:58


Biloban crib rail covers are made with a great safety feature that you should look for:  the ties are secured through a button hole in the crib rail cover. That way, both ties are fed through the button hole and tied in a secure knot. We don’t recommend Velcro or buttons for safety reasons. Crib rail covers that feature buttons are not recommended. Buttons can be swallowed and are dangerous.


Fabric crib rail covers come in a variety of different patterns and colors. Biloban offers over 20 different styles, patterns, and colors of crib rail covers. Depending on the size of the front panel of your crib, an 18” crib rail cover works on almost all cribs. There are some that require the 24” size in order to cover the front wood panel.


Crib Rail Covers – Here’s the scoop on Do vs. Don’t

Always wash the crib rail cover before baby starts to stand up or pull up. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions!

Never buy a used crib rail cover for sanitary reasons.

Take the time to learn how to secure the rail cover properly. With the style that Biloban makes, this means bringing BOTH ties through the buttonhole, pull tight and secure in a knot, and then a bow if you wish. Make sure it is secure and tight.

Wash the crib rail cover frequently to avoid mildew from the drool.


Why is Biloban?

We believe in sewn-by-hand products. Our country’s standards for use of (and non-use of) chemicals and additives are strict, and we feel way more comfortable knowing where our fabric comes from, what the fill is comprised of , who is sewing the products (we are there all the time!) and under what conditions, including packaging, no exposure to chemicals, and more. We’ve heard stories about pesticides being sprayed on the boats coming overseas to ensure insects or animals (ewwww) don’t get in the crates. If all that makes you feel the same as we feel, you’ll know why we love and support made  crib rail covers and crib bedding!



As we all know´╝îteething cirb rail cover can protector the crib railing.It is important for moms,especially for new mom.Here are a article for the teething crib rail cover tutorial. Hope it can help our mothers.

Oh sweet little baby beaver, how I love you but hate the teething on literally everything.

In an effort to save his crib, I decided to make a quick crib rail cover for the rails. And, bonus! It ended up adding a punch of color and pizzazz to his room.

I started off by measuring the crib and since I’m a visual person, I had to draw it out. Remember to measure the inside of the rail, not the outside. My measurements were 28″X53.5″ – yours will probably be similar but measure your crib to make sure. Also measure the thickness of the rail. Ours is 2.75 inches.

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