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shorten the crib skirt
Posted On: 01/28/2021 03:49:01

We’re going to have a complicated relationship, you and I.

But here’s why this is fantastic: if you’ve bought a crib skirt before, you know they look nice while the crib mattress is at its highest setting, when your tiny spawn is at their smallest. But as they get older and you lower the mattress, the crib skirt gets too long and bunched up on the floor and messy and embarrassing and you start to hate your life. Exhibit A: Weston’s crib:

If only there was a better way!

Friends, meet the adjustable crib skirt. Here’s how you make it. Step one: Cut and hem three rectangles, then pin or clip them to your crib. The end.

That’s the short version. Here’s the longer version.


1. Measure your crib

You need three measurements. Length of the longest side, lengths of the two shortest sides, and height when the mattress is at its highest setting.

Your measurements will probably be pretty close to mine, but may not be exactly the same:

1. Cut your fabric.

I used a little less than 2 yards of 54″ home decor fabric for this project. If your fabric isn’t wide enough for the longest side, you’ll need to piece it together. (But if you’re smart lazy like me, you’ll just make sure it’s wide enough.)


Add about two inches to the height measurement so you have room for the crib skirt to wrap up over the top of the mattress support, and add an inch to all the measurements for a seam allowance. Cut three rectangles of crib skirt’s fabric:


One large panel of crib skirt’s fabric for the front: length of the long side (plus seam allowance) by height (plus 2 inches, plus seam allowance). For me, this was 52.5 inches by 22 inches.

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