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How To Spot Replica Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA?
Posted On: 10/11/2021 15:55:21

1. Overall modeling method
To ensure that your pair is of good quality, you should first look at the overall shape and outline.

First, look at the heel. In our comparison of AF1 Off-White MCA fakes and real ones below, you can notice that the heels of genuine shoes are more straight, while the heels of fakes are more curved.

Secondly, the insole is also wrong. In the fake AF1 Off-White MCA, the insole is more prominent and has an irregular shape. This is certainly not part of the original design.
2. External whirlwind method
Now, let us continue to discuss one of the most unique details of this model, which is Swoosh. Here, we have the iconic Off-White deconstructed Swoosh, made of shiny reflective silver. It turns out that it is difficult to copy, because the repilca Nike Air Force 1 Off-White MCA is somewhat different from the original.

The most obvious difference is the shape and size of the Swoosh. Judging from the two perforations below, the fake one is significantly smaller and shorter. Note how the genuine Swoosh touches one of the perforations, while the fake Swoosh floats above it. It was also too far from the suture on the left, and the authentic almost touched it. This can only tell one thing: the fake Swoosh is too small, too short, and misplaced.

Now let's check for some less obvious flaws. First, pay attention to the perforations around the Swoosh. On the replica, they were placed around the wrong edge of the Swoosh. Second, the suture seems to be wider than needed. Finally, the red flap on the Swoosh is closer to the left than the original one.
3. Air Midsole printing method
For this method, let's focus on the "Air" print on the midsole. If you want to legally check AF1 Off-White MCA, this small detail will be helpful. To make the guide more comprehensive, we will look at two examples-one with poor quality control and one with better quality control.
4. Toe box method
The next method we are going to introduce today is the toe box method.

Of course, you can notice the color difference of the shoes. This may be due to different lighting, but some reproductions do get the wrong color, so you should always pay attention to this.

As for the less obvious mistakes, look at the stitching on the toe box. It should be slightly wider on the genuine product.

Finally, check the perforation of the toe box. There is no doubt that they should be the same size and the same distance from each other. This fake AF1 Off-White MCA looks right, but you should look for any misalignments and inconsistencies on the shoes. Any defect like this is an instant mark of the replica.


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