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How To Spot Fake Off-White T-Shirt ?
Posted On: 10/11/2021 15:59:24

1. Packing method
For our first method today, we will look at the clear plastic bag that comes with all genuine Off-White T-shirts.

One thing you should notice here is the iconic Off-White logo print made up of 8 diagonal stripes. If your packaging has a different number of stripes, it must be fake Off-White T-shirt. However, most copy manufacturers do not allow such obvious errors.

Instead, pay attention to the width and color of the stripes. As you can see in the real VS fake Off-White T-shirt comparison below, the stripes should be wider. Not only that, the color is also incorrect, because it should be a lighter green, almost white under certain lighting.
2. Wash the label method
The wash label is probably the most important part you should pay attention to when discovering a fake Off-White T-shirt. Usually, you can easily spot fakes by checking the threading method of the washing label. Due to the high production quality, the threading should be abundant and dense.

Now, in order to make the difference clearer, we recommend that you look at the following example.

Here, the shape and material of the label are wrong. The dimension of the label is too long. As for the material, the fabric feel of the tag should be silky smooth, and the fake feel more like paper.

In the meantime, let us verify the iconic Off-White stripe pattern. You can notice that the distance between the stripes and the stitches is too large. Not only that, the black diagonal lines are thinner than necessary.
3. Tag method
To complete the inspection, you should verify the transparent tag. This part can be a bit tricky, so feel free to use our real and fake Off-White T-shirt comparison pictures as a guide.

Apart from the font and shape of the rectangular hole on the tag, there is nothing to point out here. The font is thicker than needed and not very clear, the same as our previous method. As for the rectangular hole, the width should be shorter and the height should be longer.

Don't forget that the authentic should have 10 lines. If your tag is less than or more than 10 lines, it is replica Off-White T-shirt.


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