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How To Spot Fake Off White Presto sneakers?
Posted On: 10/11/2021 16:00:51

1. Appearance details
Start the verification process by reviewing the external details of the pair. The shape of an authentic pair of shoes will be peculiar because the heel is much lower than the tongue. You should look carefully at the rubber details of the sole, because these details are the hallmark of the model.

The heel curve is obvious in any authentic Off White Presto shoe. At the same time, the heels of fake Off White shoes usually look flat.

Near the middle of the pair, you will find a rubber cage, which is usually more transparent in any authentic pair. The cages of the imitation Off White Presto sneakers usually look too beige, and the fake eyelets are bulky.

Another detail that must be considered when conducting Off White certification is the rubber Swoosh in the midsole. The shape of the genuine Swoosh is very peculiar, and it is rarely accurate among counterfeit products.
2. Heel label
There is a pull loop in the heel area of this pair of shoes to help during this Off White legal inspection. First, the actual stitching details found in the label will have a rectangular shape and will extend from the leather label to the "AIR" printed support.

The leather label will also have small stitching details and Swoosh engraving, which should be our focus now. Fake Swooshes are usually in the wrong shape; some replica Off White shoes don't even have such engravings at all.

Another point that must be explained here is that print quality plays a huge role here. The real print will have texture and the font found will be consistent. The fake prints are often too thick and lack texture. It also peels off easily in fake designer shoes.
3. Toe box
Near the toe box, there is an orange label under the Swoosh. Genuine labels will be sharp and have a clear rectangular shape, while fake Off White shoes usually have rounded corners. By looking at the fake Nike Presto Off White example below, you may also notice that the stitching that connects the label to the Swoosh is much denser in the real shoe.

Another noteworthy detail is the shape of the toe box. The toe of the real shoe looks more curved, while the toe of the fake shoes look flatter.
4. Small details
Piercing is an important part of the model, and it provides us with another point of reference when verifying our pairing. The real perforations are wide and high, while fakes often look too thin or too thick.

When checking the entire pair of stitches, pay attention to the thread used. The thread of the replica pair usually looks too thin, which means that the quality of the counterfeit material is much lower.

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