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How To Spot a replica Supreme Shirt?
Posted On: 10/11/2021 16:05:38

Check collar stitch

Stitch, stitch, stitch. Whether you want to legally inspect a hoodie, shirt, or hat, the stitching of this item almost always reveals its authenticity. On the Supreme shirt, check that the stitching is correct starting from the collar. The neckline of a real Supreme T-shirt should not have any visible stitches, even if there is only one thread. A seam should tie the collar to the rest of the shirt. However, when dealing with authentic Supreme long-sleeved shirts, some items do only have one stitch on the collar, but this is limited to long-sleeved shirts. However, if you have two or more stitches at the neckline of your long sleeves, it means you may have a fake Supreme shirt in front of you.

Again, look at the tags

The stitches on the inner neck markings are also critical. Too much stitching, or stitching where it shouldn't be, can help determine if the garment you are dealing with is a fake Supreme t shirt. For a real Supreme shirt, there should be a stitch on each edge of the white collar. Fake Supreme shirts usually have double or triple stitches on the same edge.
The content of the neck card is also very important. Here, the smallest-we mean the smallest-details can reveal a fake Supreme shirt. First, make sure that the text of all neck labels is centered, bold, and easy to read. Next, and most importantly, look at "Made in America." It is printed in the middle of the label, just above the size letter. Observe carefully, because all real Supreme shirts will have a period between each letter and after the "A" in "U-S-A". The fake Supreme shirt may overlook some small details, so please pay attention to whether there is a period missing in "America".
(For Supreme shirts before 2000, the collar will look different. It's probably just a red "Supreme" label with the size and country of origin at the bottom, but again, look for those periods near "USA" , They should still be there, no matter what year of Supreme you want to buy.)

Flip the neck label and look for the faint watermark. Below the washing instructions at the top of the label, right in the middle, there should be a white, translucent, bold, all-caps "SUPREME" watermark, visible under direct light. However, for shirts manufactured between 2005 and 2007, the watermark may show "SUP" and the year of manufacture.

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