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How To Spot A Fake Supreme Hoodie?
Posted On: 10/11/2021 16:06:49

The Box logo (or "bogo") hoodie is Supreme's ultimate flagship product, making it one of the most frequently counterfeited items on the market. When evaluating the replica Supreme hoodie, it is best to first check the embroidered frame logo on the front of the bogo hoodie-if it is not embroidered at all, or lacks cohesive high-quality stitching, it is an automatic warning logo.

Coupled with the precise centered matte white "Supreme" (in direct sunlight, the fake Supreme hoodie will sometimes look grayish), the surrounding color of bogo should be a deep, rich crimson, which is widely known internationally. Anything too bright or too dark should arouse suspicion.

Observe the embroidery bogo carefully, first use a simple ruler to test the "fly e" defect. If you line up a ruler under all the "Supreme" letters, they should be perfectly aligned. In many fake Supreme's works, all the letters are aligned except for the "e" at the end. It can sometimes be a few millimeters higher than other letters, but if this space exists, then this hoodie is probably a replica of Supreme.

After putting down the ruler, take a step back and look at the overall lettering and stitching of bogo itself. Legal bogos have recognizable, consistent spacing between each letter in "Supreme." No letter should be close to contact.

Looking at the individual letters, there should be obvious sketches at the top of the "p", "r" and "m"-this applies to viewing any "Supreme" letter, whether it's on a bogo or a label.

However, sometimes fakes are good. I like it, it's really good. The signifier of the fake Supreme can be something as insignificant as poor splicing. Take a look at the difference between true (black) and false (red) bogo below.
When you look at the letters, check the inside of the "p" of bogo in "Supreme". The open space of the letter should have an oval or egg shape. Putting on the fake Supreme hoodie, the open space inside "p" looks rounder, or looks like "D". However, in some cases, this certification strategy is more difficult to rely on, because authentic hoodies before 2007 and today's hoodies of the same color do not necessarily have an oval "p" shape.
Drawstring is a dead giveaway

All of the above false and true signs can sometimes take a lot of time to identify. Want a foolproof shortcut? So, what does the drawstring on the hoodie look like? The real Supreme hoodie only has flat laces and flat laces. Their length is also important-shoelaces can never exceed the embroidered box logo patch. If you see a Supreme hoodie with round drawstring laces, or the length of the laces is long enough under the box logo, then you must know: this is a fake Supreme hoodie.

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