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How To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini?
Posted On: 10/13/2021 05:00:06

Overall appearance method
As usual, let's start with the overall appearance approach.

The first thing we need to study carefully is the shape and size of the backpack.

The replica handbag seems to be larger than the original, but it should be smaller and rounder.

The handle ring of the genuine backpack is larger than the fake handbag. To be honest, it looks asymmetrical because the bag is much larger than the handle ring.

I have to say a few words about the pocket. On the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini replica, its shape is very strange and asymmetrical, and it is also larger than expected. The authentic pockets are smaller, smaller, and look cute.

The black label on the pocket should also be smaller on the replica handbag.
Back method
Now let's compare the backside.

The first thing we want you to pay attention to is how the splicing forms four different parts; the two parts in the middle are larger than the two sides. The replica factory obviously ignored this detail because all parts are equal.

The stitching is not very symmetrical either.
Bottom edge method
Similar to the back, the bottom is also cut.

The genuine stitches are very straight, even if they are very careless on the fake handbag model.

It has to be said that the false bottom is much heavier than the original bottom.

The print also has a faded appearance.
Puller method
Hardware is always challenging for duplicating factories, because it is very easy to make golden hardware into a toy-like appearance.

Although they did a good job in this situation, it looks completely different from a real puller.

The original shape is more square, while the fake handbag is rounder and smaller. The LV logo should have the same color as the background. This detail was completely omitted by the brand.
LV labeling
The Louis Vuitton label on the top image blends well with the background, making it difficult to distinguish them, while the fake handbag label is very bulky and shiny, and should have been matte.

Letters should be smaller, and the space between lines should be smaller.
Serial number method
This is the last method we will discuss today.

By checking the serial number, you can know where the backpack was made.

If you look at the schedule attached below, you will find that the abbreviation "CA" belongs to Spain, which means that the backpack is made in Spain.

"FL" is written on the label of the fake handbag, which means it was made in the United States.

The location varies from model to model. This is not a difference, but the way the label is made.

The letters and numbers in the picture above are very large and thick, but they are very thin, and it is almost difficult to see on the copy label.

In general, the label on the fake handbag model should be larger.

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