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How to spot replica sneakers?
Posted On: 11/07/2017 10:54:22

Replica Nike shoes are popular items for counterfeiters to reproduce. If you're not careful, you might wind up buying fake sneakers for the price of a real pair. How will give you tips on how to spot fake Nike shoes.

Ensure you are protected from fraud. Some online websites provide their customers with a return policy, even if the seller is a third party of the site. Having security that you will get your money back will protect you losing if you do happen to purchase fake Nike shoes.

1.Avoid sellers that substitute stock shoe photos for pictures of actual Nike shoes. A stock shoe photo is more aesthetically appealing but it's not what you should be looking for when purchasing replica shoes online. A photo that is obviously shot within a home ensures that the pair actually exists and its condition can be matched with the photo.
You could try to contact the seller and ask them to take another photo of the shoe with an item that determines the date or authenticity of the photo. For example, ask the seller to take a photo of the shoe next to today's newspaper.

2.Investigate Fake Nike shoes sellers on the Internet. Be extremely cautious when purchasing Knock off Nike shoes on the Internet. Since you don't actually have the physical products in front of you, you can very easily be throwing money at a fake shoes. To avoid purchasing a fake shoes:
Read website ratings and reviews before buying anything.

3.Avoid Replica shoes priced far below their normal value. The shoe is either fake sneakers or extremely damaged.
Generally, a replica Nike shoes that is priced in half is most likely fake shoes. A reasonable discount is more realistic, especially if the shoe is a limited edition or vintage.
A seller might price it extremely high and offer you the chance to haggle to a ridiculously low price. Be careful, especially since you don't have the physical shoe to verify its state and existence.
Check the shipping estimation. If it will take between 7 and 14 days to deliver your shoes, they are likely traveling from China (a verified source of fake Nike shoes) or from another distant country.
If you must order Nikes online, it's best to purchase them directly from the company's website or from the list of authorized [Nike retailers.]

4.Avoid items that claim to be "custom," "variant" or "sample" Nike shoes. replica shoes samples only come in men's U.S. size 9, 10, 11, women's 7 and children's 3.5.
View the seller's entire inventory. For unknown reasons, counterfeiters tend not to sell U.S. sizes 9 or 13 and above.
Older fake Nike shoes that are out of production are almost never available in a full sizing run. For example, if you're searching for a pair of vintage Nikes and find a site that has a stock of 200, they are likely fake shoes.

5.Don't buy shoes that are available before the official release date. It is almost guaranteed that any shoe available before the official release date will be a counterfeit.
These replica shoes may look like an upcoming design but are most likely modelled very closely to look like it. Early release photos allow counterfeits to be produced without originals to be compared with and many people fall into the trap of attempting to get their hands on a pair before everyone else.

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