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how to tell the replica sneakers?
Posted On: 11/07/2017 13:49:37

When we say Replica sneakers, we don't simply mean an Authentic products!

Signs to look out for when spotting FAKES SHOES

1.) Always look at the tag on the box. On most FAKE SHOES the box tag will be too big or labeled in the wrong place. The font size will be off (too big or too small). Also, the name of the KNOCK OFF SHOESlisted on the box tag may be missing key words. If you’re buying a replica Jordan shoes, and the box tag reads replica Air Jordan shoes, but notice the word "retro" is missing. The section on the tag that tells the color of the shoe is usually missing words or states the wrong color from the authentic box tag.

2.) Smell the Replia designer SHOES, we know this may sound weird but the REPLICA DESIGNER SHOES should have a certain smell. Basically, it’s like the smell in a new vehicle. It’s distinct, hard to describe, but uniquely REAL...The KNOCK OFF SHOES are made with a very cheap quality material.The factories have a smell that you should recognize, and it’s mainly because of the material and glue they use. The smell of the replica Air Force 1's, Jordans, Bape’s at your local Flea Market or your favorite website that offers all these for $75 will have a totally different smell.Keep in mind the smell you get when you buy a fresh pair of shoes from Footlocker, Champs, Finishline, or etc.

3.) Check the original box, most FAKE SNEAKERS boxes will be very thin and have lots of damage. However, just because the box is damaged doesn’t mean the shoes are FAKE SHOES. Sometimes FAKE SPORTS SHOES will come in odd color boxes,box that doesn’t belong to the model for sale (wrong box), or the box is to small for the size (ex. size 12 in a size 9 box). The bigger sizes have wide boxes so there’s room for the shoes to fit properly.

4.)Always check the inner tag in replica shoes that shows the size. Many times the tag has the wrong production year and the font style is off from an authentic tag.

These are very important signs to look for, and FAKE SNEAKERS are different sometimes so not all of them will have the same signs. This may also be applied to replica Air Force 1, fake Dunk shoes,replica Air Max shoes, and other shoes known to have FAKE SNEAKER versions.Look for these signs and this should help if you already know what the authentic box tag looks like or if you can compare the authentic tag to the one’s you’re considering buying.

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