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So, that's prestige. In a team, you must always have
Posted On: 02/22/2022 02:40:48


Prestige, in addition to Floor are your primary rates of runescape gold XP in the dungeon you finish (then deaths, level-mods, deaths and so on. kick in). In other words, if you've completed 30 floors, you press the prestige after which you can do floor 31. Your xp should range from 100%, because of the average of your prestige and the floor.


So, that's prestige. In a team, you must always have the equivalent of an instrument kit (whether purchased or bound) as well as laws/cosmics or astrals if you have an extra ess. Astrals can help remove poison, and are therefore useful when abandoned or warped (abandoned is normally rushed. CRUSH skeletons. Attack styles are a huge thing in dugneoneering.


AFFORD a 2h sword (the top you can obtain) in the event that you don't possess the smithing skills for it, go to 'Dungsmith' FC. Once you've got the Shadow Silk Hood from a night spider, make sure to bind it as well - until then you can use the top tier platebody (again'Dung Smith' FC)


Bind Law Runes till you find the Celestial surgebox (from the highest level of Forgotten Mages. It appears to be a small silver box that they carry in their spare hands). When you locate an surge box, create enough runes for 125 surges, and put it inside the box and then secure it. Once you have equipped the surgebox you'll be able generate the air with 125 surges. This is all I've seen If you have any questions PM me on Sals.


It appears that the combat component has made the game more like WoW..? Which isn't really a bad thing Imo. What I'd love to have is a dungeon system similar to WoW, with a healer or tank, dps or dps. It's way too much. The EoC as it is is good enough to keep RS free of its dead combat mechanics. You've clearly never PvP'd...


To be honest EoC IMO isn't good or bad, however I'm guessing it'll get rid of bots which is a good thing. In any case, Dungeoneering isn't something is easy to explain. there were a few clan wars updates for F2P however, other than that F2P doesn't have much..


I've tried PvP in the Beta. It's pretty awesome. PvP in the Live is a different story. I'm not rich enough to be able to replace all items that I've lost and I usually don't travel north. Also, I don't have the herblore level to handle overloads.


In my opinion, however, I would not call PvP using the current system of combat "dead combat," however, it is an opinion. I'm of the opinion that runescape quest help fighting most non-boss monsters in the current system can be pretty boring, but it's likely to always be that way.

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