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Dragon Defender is superior to dfs because
Posted On: 02/26/2022 03:41:22


After getting hacked I only have 10 m cash left. I have worked on earning cash, but I'm trying to focus on college which means that RS will come to RS gold the bottom of my priorities. However, atm my current melee combat is: Helm of neitiznot, Amulet of Strength, Dragon platelegs, Fighter Torso. I was considering getting an Dragon platebody, to increase my defense or a DFS for defence, and a str bonus. Which do you suggest I go with and what is the reason? There are 99 pros and a steel Dragon in my dungeon, so I can charge the shield. If you're planning to slay, you don't need def. Just pray: Prossy pl8 and legs for prayer bonus, pray to protect yourself from melee/(mage/range depending on task). Then, you can get fury or glory. Glory is preferred if you cannot afford to spend 9m for an amulet. Fury has very decent defence stats in comparison to an ammy.. Alongside better statistics as compared to glory.. Many sals claim that fury is an absolute necessity but glory is the same.


Dragon Defender is superior to dfs because of the atk bonus. Since you're not able to pay cash expl, ring zerker since the pray bonus decreases the amount of pots you can use.. Also, the emergency teles, free run, and the ability to be able to move the crap you get is very impressive.


If you're like me and would rather grind melee: Torags platesbody Torags legs. They cost approximately 800k-1m.. Degrade to 0 within 15 hours.. Together they'll cost 170k.. Imagine you're getting dplate.. D plate cost about 9m? Torags have 2 times more defence (Iirc that it is the best defence armour in game).. The best thing about it? Its frikkin sexy!


If you take 9m to repair your torags, you can make use of both for the total of 843.75 hours. (more than enuff time to max melee ) and maximum slayer )... It's basically the most powerful shizzle you'll get.. It costs less if you use an armour stand in ur house. I don't see why you wouldn't want to make use of them.


If you're not a fan of appearance, then you (are a sad homo) are able to purchase Veracs skirt to go with legs of torags.. Similar def bonus to torags legs, albeit more expensive and comes with a prayers bonus, which means you can make use of it for slaying when you do not want to pray for protection prayers. Dfs can only be fire cape osrs used to tank bosses and in PVP, because drag def can be much more effective due to its epic atk bonuses.


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