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A rogue with a strange rapier. Very powerful
Posted On: 03/05/2022 03:48:41


If you're planning to spend minimally (under 10 million) the set of Barrows armor and some lovely peripheries (fury, though that's not runescape gold necessarily the best) is still a great value for your buck. However, there are a few very nice things you should get. I'm going to assume that you've not been here for a long time.


A rogue with a strange rapier. Very powerful one-handed melee weapon which you obtain after you have been dungeoneering for some time it requires at minimum 80 dunge in order to purchase it making use of the dunge reward system. The most chaotic weapons are the most effective in their class.


Bandos chestplates and Tassets. They are priced at a lower price, and are typically the best items to have for those with cash. 12M for one piece and 12M for the second. They provide extra strength and prayer reward.


I'm not an expert on helms, but if you're going to be slaying, you should have the full Slayer helm due to its extra bonuses (likewise Salve amulet if it's relevant) and the Verac helm in other cases.


If you're looking for boots you'll prefer the dragon. There are better boots that are known as "ragefire" I believe but I'm not sure you'd want to invest your money on them. For gloves, either barrows gloves from RFD or goliath gloves at the tower dominion.


Goliaths require you to have been through a number of quests as well as many battles that are arcade-style in a huge tower of quest-based bosses. One thing you can pick up when you've caught up on your questing in general, I'd say. To get the ring, there's an amazing free ring you get when you complete "A return to stone" (I think that's what it's called).


The game begins in TzHaar city, right at its birthing point. It's the fremmenik the ring's advantages, and a bunch of very nice reusable teleports, and an extra bonus for combat against tzhaar. Or you could get the Berserker ring, which offers the ability to increase your strength. Or you can get the explorer's ring which includes alchemy spells that are free each day, or you could purchase an Onyx Ring and osrs inferno cape make it more effective with the ability to mobilise armies. Go to Google if want to know more.


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