The control cables uses a unique accordion section
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"This may be due to the bushing at the drive end of the shifter  cable causing a mismatch between the assembly and the selected gear position. To correct this condition, follow the  steps in the service procedure to replace the bushing and install a protective cover on the selector at the transmission end of the selector cable,” Ford said.
 A few months later, Ford issued another recall for more flex shaft than 192,000 Transits. Connecting the Ford dealers have been asked to replace the shift bushing and install a protective cover on 2013 to 2021 trucks.
 Another Ford shift cable bushing was announced in April 2022 for More than 96,000 Escapes from the 2015 model year are equipped with the 2-liter engine and 6F35 transmission.Ford told the government that engineers have not yet found the root cause of the interchange's problems, but "heat and humidity may contribute to  hydrological degradation of the interchange material". .
 The mechanical control cables market's journey towards exceeding USD 15.69 billion by 2030 is driven by a combination of these growth factors. As the aerospace and defense sector continues to grow, the market is well positioned to play a central role in shaping the future of mechanical control solutions in the global aviation industry.
This increase strengthens the demand for mechanical control cables during the forecast period.
 Supplied as a complete brake and gear cable system and  claimed to be 30% lighter than standard models, the Jagwire Racer Kit is a complete cable overhaul for your road bike.It incorporates some very clever details and better performance  than most. They are exceptionally easy to install and their prices are quite attractive.
 The control cables uses a unique accordion section to improve cable routing on the aerodynamic brake where they exit the lever. This, together with the Teflon pads, results in very low friction: exactly the standard needed for increasingly sensitive ten-speed derailleur drive systems. The double-ended stainless steel inner band is what you'd expect, ensuring a near-universal fit, although the band itself isn't significantly better than those from other reputable brands.Installation is a pleasure, the flexible exterior and accordion ensure graceful, smooth, friction-free performance, even when entering the rear action.



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